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“Dress” Your Tank

A new creativity contest “Design your tank skin” starts today, May 10th. This is your unique chance to express your idea of perfect looks of a tank and surprise everyone with your creative approach.

Mind that there are some limitations on which tanks are allowed to be used for the contest. They are the well-known tier 1 vehicles MS-1, Leichttracktor and T-1 Cunningham. Any user may create a skin for each tank. All three samples will be accepted and the skins for each tank will be assessed independently.

Another important requirement is that the skin should be available for downloading.

Other requirements and conditions of the contest you will find on the forums. “Design your tank skin” contest finishes on May 31st 23:59 UTC.

The prize of the winners in each category will be 6,000 gold. For the second best result the players will be awarded with 5,000 gold and the prize for runners-up will amount to 4,000 gold.

Good luck!