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“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Is Over

The opportunity to create your own smileys was to many players’ liking. All the participants showed great creativity making the emoticons. However some of them showed off creative works that had been made not by themselves and could be found in use on different forums.

Such works were not considered by our judges.

The main criteria were pretty simple to follow: the smileys were to be related to the game and united by the “tank theme”.  The smileys had to be animated (GIF format) and their size wasn’t supposed to exceed 20 Kb. Each symbol should have had a tag.

The judges have looked through a load of them and are ready to present the results. The best smiles have been chosen and you can check them for yourselves:

:WoT: and :CTF: (capture the flag)  by F22raptor2006

:troll: by Psi

:mechanic:, :medic:, :fire_fighter:, :artist:, :body-builder:, :cola:  by maka

:AusfB:  by SkirmiNat0r342

:noob-rush: by Bannzai

:hideinabush: :victory: :no: by scoub_lite

:cz:,   :en:,   :eu:   :de:   :pl:   by _Say_

:Tiger-vs-t34: by Dr_Nooooo

Each smiley chosen will bring its author 500 gold. The gold will be enrolled to the winners accounts shortly.

Some of the smileys may well be added to WoT list of forum emoticons. Congratulations!