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Don’t Worry, Be Happy! UPDATE 7/06

Hardly there is an Internet user who has never used smileys in on-line conversations. And some services provide even a hidden list of these symbols of emotions.

And today we offer you to create your own smileys that could be used within World of Tanks, namely on our forums. Obviously they have to be related to the game and united by the “tank theme”.  The smileys must be animated (GIF format) and their size mustn’t exceed 20 Kb. Each symbol should have a tag (eg. :contestsmile:). There is a limit on the quantity of smileys each player can provide. Only five first smileys will be taken into consideration and estimates by the judges.

Each smiley that will appear to be appropriate and suitable for the forums will most definitely be added to the official smiles list. The users whose works will be chosen for adding will receive 500 gold for each smiley.

The contest under the “smiling” name Don’t Worry, Be Happy! starts today and the deadline for presenting contest entries is June 5th 23:59 UTC. The works should be posted on forums

Good luck and… don’t worry, be happy!

UPD. The contest has been finished. The results will be announced shortly. Follow the news.