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Contest: World of Tanks Diorama with Sketchfab


Do you remember the amazing 3D presentations of tank models we had in the past, for example, the Sherman Fury?

These presentations have been hosted by Sketchfab, a superb place to display and share 3D content online. If you are into 3D modelling of any kind, chances are you have come across the website and the prolific community behind it. If not, now’s the perfect chance to check it out, especially as they are holding a special World of Tanks themed contest – combine your love for tanks with your 3D modelling skills, and have a chance of winning some really great prizes!


The Contest

The goal is to create a game-inspired 3D diorama that represents an interesting moment in World of Tanks. Here’s an example of an unrelated diorama to give you an idea:


Your diorama doesn’t need to be strictly in the style of World of Tanks.  You’re also not required to match the visual quality of the game – tank models as well as elements of the environment take months to create and polish after all! In fact, your scene doesn’t even need to have a tank in it. Just let the game inspire you and design your own interesting scene, in your own style. Just make sure that your work is identifiable with the concept/ ambience/ nature of the game.


How to enter

To enter the contest, visit the dedicated post on the Sketchfab website and follow the instructions presented there:




  • 1st place - €100 voucher for Jinx* + 12 months of Sketchfab PRO (value €120)
  • 2nd place - €75 voucher for Jinx* + 6 months of Sketchfab PRO (value €60)
  • 3rd place - €50 voucher for Jinx* + 3 months of Sketchfab PRO

* Jinx vouchers are only redeemable in the US and Europe



Good luck, Commanders!