Contest: Chinese New Year

Let’s celebrate the 2017 Chinese New Year and play tanks from the Middle Kingdom!

For this special occasion, we have some Chinese Premium tanks, Premium Account time, and Personal Reserves to give away. Take your Types, WZ’s, and other Chinese vehicles for a ride in the next 10 days, and you may find one of over 100 prizes in your garage soon afterwards.

Contest Rules

  • Duration
  • Number of Winners
  • Requirements for Eligibility:
  • Prizes

24 January 2017, 00:00 to 3 February 2017, 23:59 (CEST)

Number of Winners

We will select 113 winners from all signed-up participants.

Requirements for Eligibility:
  • You must sign up on the contest page with your in-game username and the e-mail address associated with your in-game account.

  • You must win at least 25 Random Battles in Chinese vehicles of Tier IV and above during the contest period.

  • Your World of Tanks account must be on the EU server.

  • 3 x Premium Tank VIII T-34-3   + Garage Slot
  • 10 x 7 days of Premium Account
  • 100 x Personal Reserve: +200% Crew XP for 2 hours + Personal Reserve: +50% XP for 2 hours

All prizes will be credited within two weeks of the end of the competition.

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