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Climb to the Top

WoT has been released! So now is the time everyone is climbing to the top of the tech trees, to reach their desired tank. Everyone wants to be the first, everyone wants to be the fastest. has started a new contest for our beloved community – “Climb to the top”: - the players, who will achieve and buy one of the listed vehicles, have to post a screenshot of their garage featuring the tank:

  • At least one battle with this tank needs to be completed;
  • The contest tanks are T30, IS-7 and Maus;
  • The contest SPG’s are GW-Tiger, Object 212 and M40/M43;
  • The players, who will first post an image of a specific vehicle that has fought in one battle, will win;
  • The contest will end, when all tanks are achieved;
  • Up to 6 players can win in this contest.

The awards:
For the first screenshot of an SPG 7 000 Gold will be added to your account;
For the first screenshot of a tank 10 000 Gold will be added to your account;

We are waiting to see your new tanks in your sheds! Rush to have the best! You should leave your screenshots here.