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Clans’ Last Chance to Be Presented

As it has already been announced Clan Parade Video Contest has been prolonged and now finishes on the very last day of spring – May 31st at 23:59.

Although quite a few participants have presented their works yet, WOT development team have decided to give another chance to those clan representatives who haven’t shown their military unions off.

Clan Parade is a unique chance to introduce your Clans to the opponents and gather supporters. The more outstanding your work is, the more attention it will attract and the more gold you will receive.

The prize that the author of the best video will be awarded is 30,000 gold. The second best work will be estimated 20,000 gold. And finally the video that will close the top three list will bring to the author 10,000 gold.

Despite the main criteria which are traditionalism, a number of vehicles no less than ten, high quality, appropriate sound accompaniment, non-trivial approaches will also be highly appreciated and assessed according to the list of requirements. The most essential ones of the latter are that the Clan should be officially registered in-game; the length of the entry shouldn’t exceed 5 minutes and obviously it mustn’t violate moral, ethic or juridical norms of EULA.

The video may be edited in any desirable way. It may even contain episodes from movies (not more than 10% of the contest entry). However we request to avoid using images and photos of famous people. Remember that the main point of the entry is your Clan’s presentation.

As the same contest was already held among Clan members from the Russian server, you might also want to appreciate the winner’s presentation. Battle Tech Clan video you will find here

Ready to surprise everyone? Post your video entry in the respective topic on forums.