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Call of Heroes

They can convert a loss into a victory. They can destroy 7 and more tanks in one battle. They can invade or defend the base alone. They can spot lots of enemies. Who are they? They are Heroes of any Battle. And we start our 'Call of Heroes' here and now!

We are looking for players who will get the biggest number of achievements from now till 23.59 UTC August 29th.This time all players are allowed to submit up to 5 battle results. Any player can participate as long as they have any kind of achievement for the battle. Entries without achievements won't be counted.Different vehicles can be used for the battles. The only restriction is that all of them should be random (training, company or clan wars battles will not be considered as proper entries). The list of vehicles is given below: Light Tanks of all Tiers are allowed; Tier 4-6 Medium Tanks are allowed; Tier 6-8 Heavy Tanks are allowed; Tier 5-7 Tank Destroyers are allowed; Tier 3-5 SPGs are allowed.
Winners will be awarded 7,000 Gold, the second place will bring you 6,000 Gold and the third prize-holder will enjoy 5,000 Gold. Also we will give 4,000 Gold for the 4th place, 3,000 Gold for the 5th place, 2,000 Gold for the 6th place and 1,000 Gold for the 7th.
The detailed regulations of the event you will find on the forum. Your entries should also go into that forum thread.

Good luck!