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Best Tank Skin Designers Found

According to the rules of the contest the three steel beasts PzKpfw VI Tiger, PzKpfw V Panther and Maus were to be aerographed. The genre in which aerography was expected to be done was animalistic.

WOT development team are grateful to everyone who participated in the contest. The contest entries appeared to be rather difficult to judge. They all were creative, outstanding and interesting. And we are glad to announce the results.

The tope threes will be announced in three different categories: Tiger, Panther and Maus.


The winner is NinjaPirateiPodJesus and their awesome skin

The second best tank skin belongs to Gazthing

And finally the third amazing contest entry is  zavos2’s


The best Panther skin belongs to badw0lf

The runner up is demole with their skin

The third place is taken by mossin and their contest work


This is the second time we hear this name today… NinjaPirateiPodJesus is the winner in this category. Check out his winning work.

ED209 and their work is on the second place

The third-place winner is also someone whose name and style is already familiar. Gazthings contest entry was estimated highly again!

And a surprise awaits one more player! PinkiePie gets a special prize from the judges for the effort made and creativity involved. Check it out here.

All the winners will be awarded 6,000 gold.

Second place holders will receive 5,000 gold.

Runners-up will get 4,000 gold.

The special prize established equals 3,000 gold.

The gold will be enrolled within a week.

Congratulations everyone! WoT development team are looking forward to seeing your works in upcoming creativity contests.