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Best Clan Propaganda Posters

Clans existing in World of Tanks are recruiting players in different ways. Clan Propaganda Poster Contest was meant to be one of them. The task of the contestants was to make a player actually want to join the clan. The manner of presentation was not restricted to a particular style giving contestants a lot of opportunities to express themselves.

The jury consisting of artists and designers mostly have made their choices and are ready to present the results.

The clan they definitely got interested in was Polish Iron Oldboys successfully presented by Azakiel. You can feel “The Power of Experience” shown in the poster for yourself. Congratulations to Azakiel, the winner of the contest! His prize is 6,000 gold.

The second clan WOT team would possibly join judging by the poster was Double Dutch (DD) that “Wants You!” The author of the contest entry – End12 – gave a shortlist of advantages one gets joining the clan. And the prize of the second place holder is 4,500 gold.

A patriotic poster created by Avramovic called up to join Serbian Land Forces. Its traditional style and colours were highly appreciated by the judges. And the prize of its author is 3,000 gold.

Creativity and unusual approach of pinkpixel brought the player a special prize - 1,500 gold and more popularity to the clan mentioned already. Polish Iron Oldboys proved to be experienced enough to help you recover from any kind of illness.

WoT team are grateful to all the contestants and clans who participated in the contest. Spend your prizes wisely; you will need them on the battlefields! The gold well earned will appear on your accounts within a week.