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8.5 Strong Start Contest


You know the drill! Version 8.5 rolls around today, and just as for the last update, we’re going to hold a special contest to celebrate the latest release, helping you get off to a strong start with the new vehicles that it brings.

As usual we’ll reward your efforts with outstanding prizes that will make your tank-loving hearts pound in your chests like you just won the lottery!

What you have to do to participate? It couldn’t be simpler. Just play the game with any of the new tanks added in 8.5 (see list below), and be among the TOP 100 scoring the biggest amount of experience to take home the goodies!

It all starts with the release of the 8.5 today on Wednesday, April 24th and lasts until Friday, May 24th. That means you have an entire month to show us your best performance and claim your spot among the overall 900 best players to be driving the new machines on the EU servers!



TOP 100 highest XP score with Tier I to IV tanks 1,000 
TOP 100 highest XP score with Tier V to VIII tanks 2,500 
TOP 100 highest XP score with Tier IX to X tanks 5,000 


And on top of that, for each of the categories above:

1st Place  Tier VIII Type 59 + Garage Slot
2nd Place Tier VII Type 62 + Garage Slot
3rd Place One month of Premium Account


Let’s see it better in the table.



Top 100 for each tank 



  • T-60 (LT tier II)
  • T-70 (LT tier III)
  • T-80 (LT tier IV)


  • VK 20.01 (D) (MT tier IV)





  • VK 30.01 (D) (MT tier VI)
  • Aufklärerpanzer Panther (LT tier VII)
  • Indien Panzer (MT tier VIII)





  • Leopard PT A (MT tier IX)
  • Leopard1 (MT tier X)




Additional prizes for the Top 3 players of the categories above:

1st place

Tier VIII Type 59 + Garage Slot

2nd Place

Tier VII Type 62 + Garage Slot


3rd Place

One month premium account


  • You don’t need to submit any screenshots or replays! Wargaming will be pulling the statistics directly from our European database to form the top 100 list based on highest experienced earned in a single battle.
  • The battle results counted will not include bonuses (Premium Account, Double XP for the first victory of the day, experience multiplier bonuses, etc.)
  • Only the battles from random battles will count. Clan Wars and Tank Companies will not be included.
  • If you already have one of the tanks offered in the garage (Type 59 or Type 62) you will be compensated with its purchase price: 7,500 Gold for the Type 59 and 4,800 Gold for the Type 62.


Now go and get off to your strong start, Commanders!