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Twilight of the Gods: Results Are In!

Clan Warriors,

The fires of the battle between the forces of Light and Dark have finally died out, leaving the fields of Asgard with nothing but blackened skies, scorched earth and countless husks of tanks blown into oblivion. When the smoke cleared, the victors had emerged to claim the spoils and eternal glory for their heroism and valour in combat. Meet the heroes of Ragnarök:



Victory Points


1st place

 [RSOP] Rynnäkkösopulit


500,000 to the Clan Treasury

2nd place

[FAME] Deal with it!


300,000 to the Clan Treasury

3rd place

 [OM] Odem Mortis


100,000 to the Clan Treasury


The following medals were distributed to players for their extraordinary performance during the event:


Number of Medals Awarded

Call of the Valkyries


Gates of Asgard


Hammer of Thor


Spear of Odin


Head of Fenrir



Last but not least, we would like to congratulate the top 4,000 individual players who gained immortal fame during the Twilight of the Gods event, and so earned a premium tank as a reward:



  VIII 112


  VII T23E3


For more detailed information regarding the tank winners, please refer to the Alley of Fame.

Important: In the case of any of these vehicles being already present in your garage upon delivery, you will be given the respective tank’s worth in gold instead and the garage slot.

 This battle is won but the war isn’t over yet! Be prepared for more Clan Wars events coming soon!