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Clan Wars: 4th Campaign - Stage I Results


The first Stage of the Fourth Campaign is over and what an endeavour it has been! In the timespan of just eight days, the Global Map trembled under the fire of a total of 42989 battles! As you can see, the competition was fierce and absolutely no quarter was given, especially by the clan Pancake Turd Squad, which can boast having fought the mind-blowing number of 272 battles, more than any other participant!

Others were not idling either – meet the best and most valiant clans of the Scorpion's Tail operation:

Place Clan Fame Points
1. 3xR RELOAD 169688
2. Odem Mortis 142819
3. Semper anticus 137472
4. Working as Intended! 122007
5. Novus Ordo Seclorum 119409
6. Silver Stars 119265
7. Rynnäkkösopulit 109518
8. Goldene Garde 104439
9. Odem Mortis International 103664
10. GoToGarage/Pozdro&Poćwicz 102229


Congratulations to all clans and good luck in Stage 2: The Lion's Mane!