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Clan Wars: Second Global Map

Clan Warriors,

In the Second Campaign announcement we mentioned introducing a second Global Map to Clan Wars. This map will only be available for the duration of the Campaign. In this article, we would like to explain in a more detailed fashion how this system will work and what benefits it will grant during the Campaign.


Global Map

The Global Map will resemble the standard Clan Wars system that is normally in effect when there are no active Campaigns. Any clans not willing to participate in the Campaign may continue playing Clan Wars in this realm in mostly accordance with standard rules, except that the tier-restriction will be set to Tier VIII for all regions. The rules valid for the Global map will be rigid and will not change for the duration of the Campaign. These are as follows:

  • Tank locking disabled
  • Fog of War enabled
  • Spies/counter-spies enabled
  • Revolts enabled
  • Ransacks enabled
  • Tier restriction: I-VIII
  • Province income: standard
  • Landing zones: standard

When the Campaign Map goes live, the Global Map will not undergo any ‘Re-division of the World’ phases or wipes. This means that clans that were present on the Global Map before the start of the Campaign will not be affected in any way and will keep their provinces. Should any of those clans decide not to join the Campaign, they will have the possibility to continue their regular struggle on the Global Map.

All changes will be applied once the Second Global Map is open.


Campaign Map

The Campaign Map is the place where the Second Campaign will take place. It will be a very dynamic environment where the rules and goals may be subject to change due to transitions between the stages. Clans and their members playing on this map will be gathering Victory Points and Fame Points respectively, and depending on their success and resourcefulness in this realm, they may find themselves among the Campaign’s winners. Only the clans active on the Campaign Map are considered as participants in the Campaign, thus being eligible to win the respective prizes, medals and special vehicles.

The Campaign Map will be opened on Thursday 31st October with the “Re-division of the World” phase and will work in a test mode until Tuesday 5th November.

On Tuesday 5th November, the Campaign Map will be wiped and the Second Campaign will commence. As wiping the map takes some time to complete, the map will be frozen for a couple of hours before the Campaign starts.


Interaction between the Maps

Both maps will be available for every clan but a clan cannot fight on both maps at the same time. However, they will be free to switch between realms as much as they want (subject to the rules below).

  • Clans that are active on the Global Map but decide to switch to the Campaign Map will lose all of their provinces. If they decide to return later, they must start from scratch. The provinces surrendered in this way will be given to NPCs and can be conquered by other clans remaining on the map.
  • If a clan is defeated or resigns from the Campaign, they will retain their Victory Points and Fame Points. If that clan returns to the Campaign, any further VP and FP earned will be added to that clan’s respective pools.
  • Every clan that started on the Campaign Map can switch realms and join the Global Map. In such a case, they will lose all provinces they may have. These provinces will be given to NPCs and can be conquered by other clans present on the map.

You can find more information regarding switching in the guide.


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