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Clan Wars: Global Map 2.0 – First Details


The release of the updated Global Map is getting closer, and it's time for now to lift the veil of secrecy a bit and introduce you to the upcoming new version of the Global Map.

During development of the new Global Map, one of the most important tasks was to fix the main issues that players face on the current GM version. These are the improvements we are working on:

1) More provinces - more space

The new Global Map has a flexible architecture and, if necessary, it can be extended in terms of the number of available provinces. This could involve two, five, or even ten times the amount of provinces currently available!


2) More landing opportunities

On the current Global Map, a clan must win a landing tournament to capture the province with no room for error, spend a lot of time on battles that ultimately will not guarantee success.

The new Global Map, in addition to a larger number of provinces, will introduce new ways of getting on the map. Of course, the ability to capture provinces and winning the landing tournaments will also remain.


3) Vehicle tier options

The next gen Global Map will have regions with defined vehicles tiers for battles, which will vary between VI, VIII and X. Of course, province incomes and opportunities will be different as well.


4) More fun

With the exception of past campaigns and other gaming events, which are held less frequently due to current architectural features, the map does not set clans with any ultimate goals.

On the Global Map 2.0, a completely new architecture is incorporated, which allows working on a seasonal pattern where clans will have the opportunity to compete for special prizes each season.


Other innovations


Chips are no longer needed. They will be replaced by a Division.

A Division is a fully equipped battle unit with necessary number of tanks that does not depend on the number of members in the clan. Now, having more action opportunities does not require for example keeping inactive players in clan roster, there is no need to move one chip to complete the roster. Plus, you always know that if the battle was agreed, it will take place.


Dividing the Map into Fronts

Regions will give a way to Fronts, each of which will have a custom border, set of provinces, battle rules, available vehicle tiers or even a set of specific tanks. Each clan will be able to choose the Front most convenient to their particular situation.


New currency for the Global Map gameplay - "Influence"

For participating in battles, clans will need Influence which they can use for almost all operations on the map, such as:

  • Opportunity to land on the map without participating in landing tournaments
  • Purchasing Divisions and maintenance, as well as acquiring additional modules for them
  • Investing in province to raise its income
  • The ability to protect the province from enemy clans under certain conditions

Influence can be obtained in two ways:

1) Through battle participation on the map directly by destroying an enemy's division - part of its value is given to the winner;

2) Participation in Stronghold Skirmishes, which in addition to Industrial resources will bring Influence, the amount of which will depend on Division.

Influence implementation will allow the clans not to depend on a limited number of chips and their freeze time, and the clans will have the opportunity to self-regulate their activity on the map. Influence also can be accumulated in sufficient quantities that will provide the opportunity to plan long-term operations so prepare the necessary amount of the new currency in Skirmishes in advance.

Important: Influence is only an in-game currency, it cannot be purchased for in-game gold and exchanged for Industrial resources or credits.


New interface and visual component

In addition to technical changes and mechanics innovations, the map will be dramatically reworked, both visually and in terms of convenience. Navigation will be easier, a lot of new information will be added, flexible filters, as well as a tooltip system.

Stay tuned for more info about the new Global Map coming soon!