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Clan Wars: Operation Safari

Clan Wars
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World of Tanks team would like to announce the imminent start of the first game event on the new Global Map, during which new mechanics and principles of large scale Events will be tested! Quest tasks, heated tank battles, clan confrontations and, of course, gold and tank prizes, all await you in the new game event: “Operation Safari"!

It is the early 21st century. The world is experiencing a period of instability and tension in anticipation of large tremors. Much of the planet is engaged in heated confrontations, echoes of which reach throughout all corners of the planet. The world maintains a shaky balance, but one event that has taken place in the Southern Hemisphere threatens to push the world into another World War - a war which could be the last for all humanity. It all began when one of the Gulf states decided to transfer their stockpile of weapons-grade uranium to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for processing. Several tons of uranium were loaded onto a cargo ship under the utmost secrecy. However, there was a leak of information! Because of sabotage, the warship escorting this cargo ship was sunk in the Gulf of Aden and the cargo was seized in the ensuing attack by Somali pirates. This threat of unprecedented magnitude cast a shadow over the world. Access to uranium could now be granted to anyone with enough money. Armed forces of all UN members were put on high alert and the goal was set very firmly – prevent the resource falling into the wrong hands! We must act immediately, while we still have time, before the uranium is smuggled out and disappears into the vastness of Africa!

Operation Safari

The event will start on 15 October at 01:00 CEST (UTC+2) and will last until 25 October at 00:00 CET (UTC+1).

Event System:
  • Clans will have to perform a sequence of tasks, which will be issued to them individually.
  • The successful completion of the tasks will be awarded with Fame Points.
  • The Fame distribution and rankings will be split between clans and individual players.
  • The event activities will be carried out on one front, consisting of the Horn of Africa and parts of the Arabian Peninsula.
  • In order to allow more clans to get a good share of gold, all provinces on the event fronts will have an income of 600.

Awards and Achievements

During the event, clans will earn Fame points, and individual clan members will receive Personal Fame points for each battle they take part in. Those with the highest scores will win event prizes:

Main Prizes in Operation Safari:
  • 1,000 x FCM 50 t, French Tier VIII Premium heavy tank


  • 9,000 x T23E3, American Tier VII Premium medium tank


Important: Please note that parallel to this event, the T23E3 will undergo some balancing in terms of penetration: standard AP shell will now have 149mm of penetration at 100m (old value: 128mm), and the APCR shell will have 190mm of penetration at 100m (old value: 177mm). The balancing will affect all corresponding vehicles, including ones distributed in past events.

  • Unique medals:


Art of War (in 4 Classes)

Bounty Hunter (In 3 Classes)


New Rules for Prize Tank Distribution

Taking your experience and feedback from the past events into consideration, the prize distribution system of tanks will be re-designed, with the basis for eligibility being the participant’s activity – both as part of a clan as a whole and as an individual player. This new system will balance the awarding of prizes among clans and clan members.

The distribution of tanks to clans, as well as to individual players, will be based on the system of licenses you may already know from previous events:

Prize tanks distribution:

  • 1,000 FCM 50 t licenses will be distributed between clans with the highest scores in the ranking.
  • Surplus FCM 50 t tanks (licenses unused due to the clan having less than 100 members) will be distributed using a “Wild Card” system among individual players, in accordance to the score of their Personal Fame points.
  • 6,000 T23E3 licenses will be given to clans, according to their position in the ranking of Fame points.
  • Surplus T23E3 tanks (i.e. licenses which are unused due to the clan having less than 100 members) will be distributed by a “Wild Card” system among individual players, in accordance to the score of their Personal Fame points.
  • Once all clan tanks are distributed, 3,000 T23E3 tanks will be given to individual players, in accordance to the score of their Personal Fame points.

More detailed information about the event, its rules and regulations will be provided soon.






Can you hunt down the resources before it’s too late?