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Global Map: New Tasks for Clans


Do you fight on the Global Map constantly? Capture provinces? Participate in Campaigns and in-game events? Soon, your clan will receive more goals that will bring additional variety to the gameplay on the Global Map. Wargaming is preparing to launch Clan Tasks.

Clan Tasks are special objectives that a clan can acquire depending on the completion of certain conditions. For example, the Tasks can be issued when a clan is created, with the advent of a new day on the Map, or after the completion of the previous task. The rewards may vary greatly, starting with in-game gold awarded to the clan’s treasury, and ending with emblems and inscriptions for the clan members’ tanks.

Tasks Types

At the moment, there are two types of Clan Tasks: Scenarios and Expeditions.

A Scenario is a sequence of different tasks that can be performed immediately after the clan has been created. A clan receives a new Scenario after a previous task is completed. In that respect, a scenario is like a tree with several branches; at certain moments you can choose tasks from a number of different options, which lead to separate task chains.

Here are some examples of Scenarios:

  • gain a certain amount of experience in landing battles;
  • beat 10 clans in landings;
  • capture a province that has an income of at least 960 via a landing or revolt;
  • capture 3 provinces and hold them for 72 turns.


An Expedition is a linear chain of Clan Tasks, which are performed directly on the Global Map. At each step of an Expedition, the clan must capture a certain province no later than the specified time. After the completion of this task, the clan has a chance to get access to the following task with a greater reward. However, the continuation is not guaranteed, and if the opportunity isn’t used, the mission ends regardless.

Our development team has big plans for the future of Clan Tasks. However, the amount of new tasks that will be added to the game, and how soon, largely depends on your experience and feedback.


Task Rewards

The reward for completing a Scenario is in-game gold, which is credited to the clan’s treasury. The more complex the task, the greater the rewards!

The rewards for participating in Expeditions are in-game gold and unique clan content. These, however, are not credited to the whole clan, but only to specific players. The unique rewards may include special inscriptions, emblems or camouflage patterns. Having these on your tank will tell the players from other clans about your battle achievements on the Global Map.


We will inform you when these tasks will be enabled in-game.


Stay tuned for more info, Commanders!