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Clan Wars: Birth Of Titans - Coming Soon!

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The World of Tanks team is announcing the start of a new event on the Global Map - clans will meet again to prove their dominance and demonstrate their battle skills. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the day when tanks first entered battle. Birth of Titans is held in conjunction with that date and will remind us of those chapters of world history.


Tanks… This word is already well-known and is always mentioned in conversations about modern armies. Though, 100 years ago this was certainly not the case.

When these steel monsters appeared on the battlefield, they had the same psychological effect as the unstoppable roar of guns. The nature of World War I warfare didn’t anticipate critical changes for the front line, and opposing forces dug into the ground, defending their boundaries for months. A new type of military machines changed everything.

British Mark tanks were the first steel titans, which joined the battle in great numbers. Here’s how their appearance was reported: “German soldiers were deeply shocked when they saw the tanks. Someone in the front trench line cried out “The devil is coming”, and his words spread like a wildfire. The British tankers saw through the vision slits the silhouettes in the grey “feldgrau” uniform running away from their positions. The attempts of some brave men who started firing at the steel monsters were useless.”

Later, many countries saw the true value of the new vehicles’ potential and started developing and implementing their own inventions. All of this resulted in the tank image that we now know - an armored fighter that is able to fulfill the tasks requiring speed, fire power, and protection of a crew.

Entry of such a powerful force changed land-based warfare tactics and strategy forever. Besides this, tanks brought together history and military machines enthusiasts in World of Tanks, which made it possible to experience what it’s like to control heavy but graceful vehicles.

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Birth of Titans will take place from 30 August at 10:00 CEST to 13 September at 10:00 CEST (UTC+2), and will be played in Tier VIII vehicles.

The event will be held according to the following system.

Keeping with the scenario, clans will complete tasks to earn Fame Points and orders to attack provinces that have a Mark IV - special provinces where players and clans will get the maximum number of Fame Points.

Awards and Achievements

Clans will be earning clan Fame Points, while individual players will be awarded personal Fame Points, which will increase their chances of getting the main prizes of the event.

The main trophies of Birth of Titans are Tier VIII Premium vehicles:

8,000 tanks will be available for the prizes. Players who complete all the tasks, will be able to select one of these three vehicles. You can get only one vehicle, which is not already in your Garage, at the end of the event.

Vehicles will be awarded using the Wild Card system, based on personal standings where players are rated according to the number of personal Fame Points or licenses earned.

Awarding prizes according to the number of licenses and Wild Card system will be based on the following rules:

  • The top clans get 1000 tanks according to the number of licenses earned.
  • The remaining tanks will be distributed by the Wild Card system among the players who received the highest number of personal Fame Points.
  • After distributing tanks among clans, 7000 vehicles will be awarded to players with the highest number of personal Fame Points according to Personal Standings.

The details about the awarding system will be announced in upcoming Rules and Regulations.

Clan Rating

In Birth of Titans a new clan awards system will be introduced - awards will be distributed among the top clans based on their rank at the end of the event. In addition to vehicles, clans will also be able to earn gold, Industrial Resources and Reserves that will be added to the accounts of top-clan members.

The details about the awarding system will be announced in upcoming Rules and Regulations.


If a player does not select a prize vehicle within 7 days, after the event has ended, then the default vehicle, KV-4 Kreslavskiy, will be awarded.

Award Details

KV-4 Kreslavskiy


IS-5 (Object 730)


In addition to the main prizes, players will also have a chance to earn unique medals.

   Hero of the Somme Class I
   Hero of the Somme Class II
   Hero of the Somme Class III
   Hero of the Somme Class IV
   Iron Titan Class I
   Iron Titan Class II
   Iron Titan Class III
   Badge of Courage


Keep your eyes opened for more info coming soon!