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Clan Wars Third Campaign: Fame Points Guide

Clan Warriors,

We hope that you’re training hard to be ready when the Great War breaks out on the Campaign Map. Here are the rules you will have to follow in order to obtain Fame Points during the Campaign:

Fame Points Charging Rules

In the Third Campaign, the rules of charging Fame Points have changed. From now on, clans as well as players can get Fame Points.

Fame Points obtained by clans and players in the Third Campaign won’t disappear when leaving the Campaign map.

Changing clan does not affect the number of Fame Points earned by the clan or the individual player. If a player leaves a clan he/she doesn’t lose any Fame Points, nor does the clan. The new clan, which the player joins, begins to receive Fame Points from him/her only from the moment of transition.

Terms of Earning Fame Points for Clans

A clan accumulates Fame Points earned by all clan members according to special rules:

1. A clan receives bonuses to its Fame Points for main strategic missions and for the First and Second stage completion. The amount of Fame Points which can be obtained will be published in the announcements of individual campaign stages.

2. After each battle, the clan gets the total amount of Fame Points earned by all clan members participating in the battles.

3. Additionally, a clan earns a fixed amount of Fame Points for the completion of landing missions.

See. P. 5.7 of the Regulations.

Terms of Earning Fame Points for Players

1. Players receive Fame Points for each battle on the Third Campaign map.

The number of Fame Points which a player receives according to the results of battle is calculated as below:

Player Fame Points = Exp × E × T × Z × G

  • Exp – total experience gained by the battle participants, divided by 15. Only basic Experience counts (no bonuses for Premium Account, missions completion etc.)
  • E – campaign stage coefficient:









  • T – battle type coefficient:

Battle Type


Battle for a province


Battle with the province owner on landing or revolt


Other battles


  • Z – coefficient for secondary missions:

Secondary Mission


Supremacy: win in battle against a clan which has more Fame Points at that moment


Offensive Reconnaissance: win a battle on a map on which your clan has not previously won during the Campaign; province battles and battles against province owners count


Important : Coefficients for secondary missions of the stages will be published in the Regulations of each stage.

  • G - game coefficient, which is used only in the third stage of the Campaign (the formula will be published within the rules of the third stage).


2. The amount of Fame Points that a player will get for performing landing missions with their clan depends on the player’s contribution to the mission. However, the player's amount of earned Fame Points cannot exceed 1/15 of the total amount of earned Fame Points of the clan.

Player Fame Points = QP × P / A

  • QP – total amount of Fame Points for mission completion (see. P. 5.7 of the Regulations);
  • P - total amount Fame Points which an individual player received during the time when the clan was performing the landing mission (including the battles which are not connected with the mission’s completion);
  • A - the total amount of Fame Points that all clan players received during the time the clan was performing landing missions (including the battles which are not connected with mission’s completion).

This formula prevents individual players from obtaining abnormally large amounts of Fame Points, and also provides a prize only for those players who participated in battles during mission completion.


3. Special cases: mission completion without battles.

If during a mission’s completion none of the clan’s members participate in the battles, the prize will be divided equally between all clan members, but an individual player cannot get more than 1/15 of the prize.

Note: If a player quits the clan before mission completion, they will receive their part of the prize regardless.


4. Players who are in clans and who manage to take Top 3 places in the result rankings of the 1st and 2nd stages will receive the following bonuses:

  • 1st place - Fame Points earned during the stage multiplied by 3;
  • 2nd place - Fame Points earned during the stage multiplied by 2;
  • 3rd place - Fame Points earned during the stage multiplied by 1.5.

In disagreements regarding the awarding of Fame points (suspicion of rigged battles and etc.), the game administration reserves the right to request battle replays, screenshots and other information relating to the incident. If this information is not provided, the administration will act in accordance with their own judgment. We strongly recommend that you activate the option "Record battles" in the game settings for the duration of the Campaign.

Be ready!