Convoys and Partial Refund of Credits in Season 10


On November 14, the Convoy mechanics will become available in Season Ten of the Global Map, and some of the credits lost in battles on the Global Map will be refunded. 


Refunding Lost Credits

Within Season Ten from November 14, credits lost in battles fought on the Global Map will be partially refunded. How it works:

At the end of a play day (after 04:00 CET), all players who went into the red after all battles fought on the Global Map will receive a refund of 30% of the lost credits.

Example: a player fought 3 battles during a play day on the Global Map and they lost 100,000 credits in total. At 04:00 (CET) the next day, the player will receive 30,000 as a refund

Important: the refund amount calculation is performed for actually used shells and consumables. Thus, if you purchased consumables beforehand at a discount, it will not affect the refund amount; it will be calculated as if the shells and consumables were purchased right before the battle on the Global Map.


Since the start of the season, all clans belonging to alliances have been accumulating gold and influence in a special vault, and, starting from November 14, they will be able to send these resources to their major powers.

All details can be found in the Season Ten Regulations; however, it should be noted that the amount of resources sent with a convoy directly affects the Political Rating earned within the season; the top positions in the rating will be rewarded with bonds for the clan treasury.

Moreover, ransacking convoys is a good way of filling the clan treasury with gold and earning influence; convoys can be ransacked by any clan that does not belong to the alliance of the convoy sender/receiver.