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Clan Wars Live Stream

Clan Warriors,

We hope you’re training hard for the World on Fire event launching on 13th May. Skill isn’t everything though – it is equally important to know the details of the mission and to keep your eyes on the prize.

In order to give you a heads up, on 7th May from 19:00 to 20:30 CEST (GMT+2) we will be hosting a special live-stream dedicated to the World on Fire event. The stream will take place on our official Twitch channel and be held in English.

Join Obirian, Cmd_Latina and Decept1on on the battlefields and take your chance to ask them some questions about the Clan Wars event. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to see the event’s prize tank, the T23E3 Premium tank, in action on the stream!



See you on the battlefields!