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Teaser - Clan Wars: The Front Lines

Clan Commanders,

War has escalated to a point where countries no longer exist. Once proud national armies have disbanded and split into clans, fighting amongst themselves over land and resources. 

We are the team that will bring you the hottest news stories, straight from the front line!

We are searching for the most heroic moments this month, as the first episode of Clan Wars: The Front Lines will premier soon.



The focus of Clan Wars: The Front Line is on the drama, action and key moments of your Clan Wars battles.

Be assured that we will never reveal your tactics and strategy, but will instead focus on the most heroic moments and that special reason you sent them in!

If your replay is selected, the show will feature your clan name and logo in the episode, alongside the most epic and dramatic moments of your battle!

So bring your clan into the spotlight and become famous in our new series. Your clan name will be featured on our portal for the world to see.

If your clan has what it takes, what are you waiting for?


For further information, see the instructions on how to get involved in this EU community exclusive.


Roll out, Clan Commanders!