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Clan Wars: 5th Campaign - Stage II Results


The second Stage in the ongoing Campaign concluded with skies above the Global Map blackened from the smoke of all the burning wrecks! This is no exaggeration, and we have the stats to prove it! During the second stage, a mind-blowing total of 67,802 battles were fought. This time, the distinction of being the busiest clan goes to [PVS-X] Players vs Server X, who alone fought in 516 battles, winning 275 of them—now that's some world-class dedication right there! Salutations, guys!

As for the top results, meet the best and most valiant clans of the Second Stage:

PlaceClanFame Points
1. [NOXUS] Nox Noctis Est Nostri 78,290
2. [FAME] Deal with it! 76,984
3. [S4] Stronke Army 62,476
4. [WHYOU] HATE ME 56,852
5. [CMBLE] The Creatures Ramble 50,299
6. [PIGEO] Pigeons of Love 45,790
7. [G__G] Goldene Garde 45,671
8.  [PVS-X] Players vs Server X 45,154
9. [5TAR5] Silver Stars 44,316
10. [SANTI] Semper anticus 44,286


Congratulations to all the clans, and good luck in the third and final Stage!