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UPDATE: Clan Wars 2nd Campaign: Stage I winners

Clan Warriors,

After much turmoil on the Campaign Map, countless battles for territory, fierce uprisings and heated conflicts between “farmers” and “revolutionaries” over Victory Points, the first stage of the Second Campaign came to an end.

Meet the valiant clans which through superior tactics, willpower and organisation earned themselves a place of pride among the winners:

1st Place

[RSOP] Rynnäkkösopulit

155904 VP

2nd Place

[EFE] Eye For An Eye

142086 VP

3rd Place

[PTS] Pirates

101262 VP


Additionally, please congratulate the following clans for their outstanding performances and extraordinary deeds in Stage I:

Medal Clan


[RSOP] Rynnäkkösopulit


[EXNOM] Expect No Mercy


[AEGO] Alter Ego

[EFE-V] Everything For Victory

[L-FEW] Lucky Few

[EXNOM] Expect No Mercy

[WMI] War Machine International

QBs Special Forces

[EFE-X] Everything For Efficiency

[SLF] Serbian Land Forces

[EPIC] Elite Epic Fail Clan

[MUROP] MuroPanssarit

[PMHC] Polish Mechanised Hussar Corps

[UNICA] Unicums International

[ZER0] Zero Damage

[PSOP] Panssarisopulit

[OM] Odem Mortis

[UFS] United French Soldiers

[EFE] Eye For An Eye

Light Cavalry

[RSOP] Rynnäkkösopulit


[EFE] Eye For An Eye

*Please also note that the medals Landowner, Knight of the Revolution, First Step and 2nd Campaign Stage I Participant will also be distributed to all clans which met their respective requirements during Stage I.


Last but not least, the following clans will receive special commemorative medals for facing and defeating the Crew on the Campaign Map:

Medal Clan

Let’s Battle: Paris

[KAZNA] Kazna Kru

Let’s Battle: Minsk

[ASEET] Aseveljet

Let’s Battle: Saint Petersburg

[PTS] Pirates

We would also like to give a special thank you to the [TESLA] 6. lička clan for putting up a great fight during the first battle for the Minsk region. It was an honour and great fun to meet you on the battlefield!

Stay tuned for a recap and the players’ opinions about the first stage coming soon!


Good luck during Stage II!