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2nd Campaign: Stage II has ended


Stage II of the Second Campaign has ended. Please note that the Campaign Map is now frozen until 4th December. However, the possibility to leave the map remains open.


Clan Warriors,

The time of vast empires and fierce revolts is slowly coming to an end. If you’re weary of defending your land or rising up against the landlords, put down your weapons and get ready for a change!

2nd Stage: Train Robbery

Stage II will last from 20th November until 1st December. Vehicle tiers reserved for this stage: I-VIII.

Train Robbery will be preceded by a short ‘re-division’ phase, which will turn all provinces into landing zones for the duration of one day. The map will not be wiped in this process, so all provinces you may control at the end of Stage I will be in your possession at the beginning of Stage II. In addition, ransacks and revolts will be disabled, espionage and counter-espionage will be removed from the map, and applications for landing zones will be set to 32 (during the stage, the special operations will be enabled again and the application limit will be raised to 64). If a landing battle results in a draw, the attacker will be considered the winner. 

During Stage II, special trains filled with goods will travel throughout the World Map. When a train enters a province, this province will grant its owner Victory Points on a turn-by-turn basis. Needless to say, the routes of the trains will be watched by a lot of clans and no province sheltering one will have the luxury of feeling safe. Wherever the train goes, the frontline will follow. If it enters your territory, enjoy to the fullest the bonuses it provides but beware – trains will always come with a tail of raiders and marauders eager to lay their hands on the goods as well!

There will be several trains per map region and their travel speed will be a province per day. This means that every day the train will switch to the next province indicated on their travel route. The trains will be marked with a special icon indicating its current position    and the position it will assume the following day .


Rules regarding Victory Points 

During Stage II, the only way to earn Victory Points will be to host a train in one of your provinces (a ‘Train Province’) or conquer a Train Province and holding it for more than one turn. While a train is in a province, the clan that owns the province will start generating Victory Points every turn according to the following formula:

VP = 292 * X (X being the number of provinces belonging to the clan, which are currently hosting a train).

Victory Points obtained in this stage are permanent and cannot be lost. This means that even if a clan loses a Train Province, they will keep the Victory Points gained from the time that the train was present there until the time that they lose the province or the train moves on. If a clan conquers a Train Province, it will earn Victory Points starting from the next turn.

The top 3 clans with the highest amount of Victory Points at the end of Stage II will also receive special coefficients for their members’ Fame Points calculation (only for Fame Points obtained during Stage II):

  • 1st place: x3
  • 2nd place: x2
  • 3rd place: x1.5


Rules regarding Fame Points

During Train Robbery, the stage coefficient for Fame calculation will be 1.1.

The mainland provinces battle coefficient will remain 5.0.

Additionally, there will be three secondary missions that can grant clan members additional multipliers to the calculation of their Fame Points if they are completed:

  • Combo

If a clan owns two or more Train Provinces, a multiplier of 1.2 will be added to the calculation of its members’ Fame Points for all battles won (regardless of whether the battles are fought for a Train Province or not) for as long as two or more Train Provinces remain under their control.

  • Train Drover

If a clan owns only one Train Province, a multiplier of 1.1 will be added to the calculation of its members’ Fame Points for all battles won (regardless of whether the battles are fought for a Train Province or not) for as long as that clan continues to control one Train Province.

  • Ambush

If a clan that fights against a clan that owns a Train Province, the attacking clan will receive a multiplier of 1.2 to the calculations of its members’ Fame Points. This bonus applies to all battles against clans that own a Train Province, and not just when fighting for the Train Province.

*Please note that the Ambush mission does not apply to clans that own Train Provinces. This mission is only available to clans that, at the time of a battle, have no trains in their territory.


For more information regarding the distribution rules of Victory Points and Fame Points, please refer to this guide.



The following medals will be awarded to the winners of Stage II:

Medal Name Description


Awarded to all members of a clan (participating in the clan at the moment the stage ends) that gained the largest amount of Victory Points during Stage II.


Awarded to all members of a clan (participating in the clan at the moment the stage ends) that gained any Victory Points during Stage II.

Lucky Strike

Awarded to all members of a clan (participating in the Clan at the moment the stage ends) that seized more than one Train Province within 24 turns of Stage II.

Participants of the 2nd Campaign, Stage II (medallion)

Awarded to all members of a clan that took part in at least one battle during Stage II (regardless of whether the battle was fought for a Train Province or not).

More information regarding medals can be found in the Rules and Regulations.

More information about secondary missions can be also found on the Awards page.


Forget the white rabbit – follow the train instead!