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2nd Campaign Stage I Impressions

Clan Warriors,

We hope that you are faring well during the current stage and managed to intercept a couple of trains already. If you feel nostalgia for the previous stage or haven’t participated but would like to know what it was like, we have prepared a short summary of the impression that Stage I made on the players.

The stage was generally met with positive feedback from the participants. The players particularly liked the fact that during this stage they had an alternative to territorial expansion in the form of revolt tournaments. This way, smaller clans also had the chance to successfully compete with large alliances over Victory Points. In addition, most clans also enjoyed the huge increase in the revolt probability, as it kept the gameplay interesting and adrenaline-packed. Even though there were some claiming that it was too difficult for landholding clans to defend their provinces against “revolutionaries”, the general impression of the stage’s challenges was quite favorable.

Another highlight of the stage was the presence of the Wargaming Clan on the map. During the first day, dozens of clans applied for landing in one of the three provinces defended by Wargaming: the Ile-de-France, Minsk and Leningrad regions. Wargaming managed to stay on the map for two days before losing the last province. Battles over provinces defended by Wargaming didn’t just prove to be beneficial for the clans directly involved. In fact, many other clans took advantage of the distraction to get hold of some good provinces while the top clans were busy fighting for the “Let’s battle” medals. Now that’s what we call tactical thinking!

Would you like to know more about Stage I? Then check out the statistics below!


Stage I in numbers: 

  • Clans that participated in the 1st day – 2,450
  • Landing applications made on the 1st day – 3,600
  • Distributed medals:
    • First Step - 460 clans
    • Landowner - 175 clans
    • Knight of Revolution – 500 clans
    • Participant of the 2nd Campaign, Stage I – over 75,000 players

More information about Stage I can be found in this announcement.

For the complete list of Stage I winners, please refer to the following article.


To victory, Commanders!