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The workshops of the Wheatcroft Collection

I was recently lucky enough to get an invitation to visit the workshops of the  “Wheatcroft Collection” one of the largest privately held collections of Military ( plus a whole host of other) vehicles in the World. The Workshops are not open to the public so it was an honour to see the collection and meet Kevin Wheatcroft in person.

The workshops are located in several warehouses in Leicestershire and are an absolute treasure trove for the military enthusiast.



I spent the entire day with Kevin and his passion for his “hobby” was undeniable, and as he stated the collection “has got slightly out of hand”.

Every building was packed not only with vehicles but with spare of every type, there is a strong market amongst collectors for trading/selling and amongst the multitude of tracks there were some rarities such as a complete track for the “Tiger”.



Every corner you turn was an amazing finds not only tanks but a whole host of military motorcycles (Lot of Indians) and other oddities such as the Torpedoes for the S Boat he has recently purchased below.

I have never witnessed such accuracy when it comes to a re-build (Sometimes restoration is just not possible) if a part cannot be sourced Kevin and his team will recreate an “exact replica” perfect in every detail and ranging from a fire extinguisher to complete engines.



From bare metal restoration to complete rebuilds, all was being carried out.

Kevin said he has always had a fascination with military Vehicles and at the age of 15 bought a Jeep, he has obviously not stopped buying since.

One room was absolutely full of Radios and spares of every type and design, some of the completed projects are now on public display at the “Donnington Museum”.

 As Kevin said “The time is right to open the doors to some of these treasures. I have been badgered for many years to show these vehicles to the public and very much look forward to adding more vehicles as each month goes by”. (I feel another trip coming on).

The final article is breath-taking; the attention to detail and the skill involved is simply outstanding.


A huge thank you to Kevin and his team for allowing me access to this amazing collection and the hospitality.

Lots more Photos on my Facebook profile.


“Fear Naught”