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“Wicksteed At War”

Over the weekend of the 8/9th June 2013, Wicksteed Fun Park (near Kettering in the UK) was taken over by what was advertised as a “Military History Show for the whole family”.

Wicksteed At War featured a large display of military vehicles, exhibitions, live music and much more. It was attended by the UK’s largest organisation of military vehicle preservation enthusiasts – the MVT (Military Vehicle Trust).

The Sherman (above) bought along by the team from Armourgeddon Tank Paintball. Not so sure those desert boots were issue of the era!


The Military Vehicle Trust ( MVT ) members look after and restore a whole range of ex-military vehicles originating from both the UK and overseas. Vehicles include everything from Jeeps through to tanks, transporters, lorries, Land Rovers, and motorbikes. 


There were a few re-enactments over the weekend, complete with some impressive, and not so impressive, pyrotechnics. A classic re-enactment and no prizes for guessing who was victorious. 


I have never seen so many “Willys” Jeeps in one place; every model you could think off was in attendance and the majority were in absolutely pristine condition.  


Also on hand were members from the Alvis Fighting Vehicle Society. They put on an impressive driving display, and also suffered a breakdown mid-display – ah the joys of British Armour. 



A cup of tea in hand… Naturally.

The attention to detail was fantastic.

Reminiscing over a Land-Rover. This one is in far better condition than I ever remember them being in. 

More Jeeps!

For me one of the highlights was not just a Spitfire but a Lancaster fly-past. This legendary bomber had eight 0.303 machine guns on various turrets on board. As part of its evolution, the bomb bay in the plane was changed to allow such mighty bombs as the ‘Grand Slam’ to be carried. The ‘Grand Slam’ at 22,000 lb was the heaviest bomb carried in the War.




This was an enjoyable weekend with a great 40’s feel.  I haven’t mentioned the beer festival on site or my two left feet at the evening dance, but that’s another story.

My huge thanks to Tank-Nut-Dave for hosting me. 


Lots more photos on Facebook.