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Museum Of Arms (Muzeum Uzbrojenia) Poznan in Poland

The Museum of Arms (Muzeum Uzbrojenia) in Poznan (Poland) contains a huge number of military vehicles.  However, it is not just the exhibits that are interesting – the building itself was used during the war!  Our military specialist, Richard The_Challenger Cutland recently visited the museum and came back with lots to show you.



Just north of the Old Town in Poznan sits Winiary Hill and 89 hectares of amazing green space known as Citadel Park.

In 1793 when Prussia took over Poland, the city of Poznan found itself in an incredibly strategic location. Not only was it on the Prussian-Russian border, but it was also only 300km from Berlin. The Prussians, believing they had enemies everywhere, began construction of a hill top fort in 1828.

The final fort was impressive with 1.3 to 1.8 metre thick walls, a barracks, artillery decks and observation towers.

Main Gate 1919

When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, the fort became a prisoner of war (PoW) camp, housing British, Russian and Polish soldiers. In 1945 during the battle of Poznan it was the final stronghold of German soldiers against the Red Army.

Panther destroyed in Poznan

Although much of the fort was dismantled to utilise the bricks to build housing, there is still a lot remaining. The fort now houses the Museum of Arms.

The Museum
Entrance to the Museum


The interior of the museum is small but in perfect condition, and houses originally preserved documents and plans, including the original plan of the fortress. There are also relics from its time as a PoW camp, photographs showing the fight for the citadel in 1945, and documents and memorabilia from the Soviet and German soldiers.

Especially interesting is the collection of arms from varying periods of history, along with a multitude of interesting personal displays. 


Located above the museum is a good and varied collection of militaria from across the eras, ranging from a variety of artillery pieces to a SCUD Missile.

Much of the equipment on display took part in the
'Battle of Poznan'
A large and well-kept collection of wheeled vehicles,
including command variants 
R-2AM Command Vehicle belonging to the Polish Army
MI-2 Helicopter


The museum is well worth visiting, as is its location, which is both beautiful and full of the history of the city of Poznan.

My thanks to all at the museum for putting up with my barrage of questions.

There are more photos on my Facebook page.