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Introducing Firebase Challenger!


Our military specialist Richard “The_Challenger” Cutland has proved to be very popular.  Many people have visited the forums to ask him all manner of questions about military vehicles.  Some of you have met him in person at community events and at gamescom.

To make it even easier for everyone to hear what he has to say, Richard is now getting his very own section on the portal, called Firebase Challenger.  In this section, he’ll present historical texts about vehicles found in game and he will tell some anecdotes about his own extensive experience aboard real military vehicles!

Richard was in the Royal Tank Regiment of the British Army for nearly 30 years and has worked as a gunner, loader and commander during this time.  The vehicles he served on included the Chieftain, the Scorpion and the Challenger 1 and 2.  He deployed on numerous operations and worked with other armed forces from around the world.  After that he spent two years working as a Gunnery Instructor, teaching new commanders and overseas students, whilst running live firing ranges.

Since joining Wargaming, Richard has answered numerous questions from the fans in his own section of the forum and has attended events such as Tankfest and gamescom.  He is now looking forward to being able to reach an even wider audience through Firebase Challenger. 

To introduce him further, here is a selection of questions you recently asked during the gamescom Q&A session.


Richard, how do you view the gaming aspect of tank warfare?

As soldiers, we like to play video games as a means of escaping the pressure that we go through during our missions.  As well as being good stress relief, it’s very fun to play the game because it’s much quicker. Normally as part of the job we only get to play with tank simulations.  Whilst they may be truer to real life, they are so slow and dull!

Richard, what military rank did you achieve throughout your career?

I managed to make it to Sergeant Major.

How realistic is World of Tanks?

Well I always say that there are two main aspects that are of the utmost importance to succeed in tank warfare. These are positioning of the vehicle and team work. You need good positioning to be able to survive hits and you need team work to be able to land hits. That’s true in real life as well as in the game.

What is your favourite tank that you served on?

That would definitely have to be the Challenger 2. I spent a lot of time in that machine and just got to love it. As well as that there is also the Chieftain – although I’ve probably spent more time repairing it than driving it. That was fun, although now I do have a love/hate relationship with that tank!

In reality how likely is it that a shell bounces off an enemy tank’s armour?

With today’s technology, it’s very rare that a shot does not penetrate the armour if it’s placed correctly.  A lot depends on the nature of the round fired.  But with the kinetic energy that modern shells achieve in flight, it’s usually pretty unlikely that they won’t make it through the armour.

Keep an eye on Firebase Challenger for plenty more historical and detailed information from Richard in the future!  In the meantime, if you have any questions for him, you can still ask them in his forum or see his Facebook page.

Want to see Richard in action at the helm of a mighty Tiger II?  Look no further than our video, in which he demonstrates his tank-driving skills to the Wargaming office crew.  This Tiger II is a very detailed 1/6th size radio-controlled model that greets all visitors to the Wargaming offices in Paris.


Join us again soon for more from Richard!