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Arsenalen-The Swedish Military Vehicle Museum

I was recently fortunate enough to get invited to Arsenalen- the Swedish Military Vehicle Museum located adjacent to motorway E20, which runs between Gothenburg and Stockholm. The new Tank museum opened here in the summer of 2011.

Guarding the Entrance

I was met by Stefan Karlsson, the Museums manager and retired Army Officer (a “Centurion man”) who showed me around this wonderful collection.

The Main Hall houses the majority of the collection and represents the evolution of the Swedish Military in terms of vehicles. Different scenes explain how the vehicles were used in practice – from the last century to the present, including the World Wars and the Cold War Period. Also displayed are many vehicles from other nations.



Stridsvagn M/21 
The first Tank in the Swedish Army greets you at the entrance. A Swedish development on the German WW1 prototype LK11. Armed with a single 6.5 mm MG.


Stridsvagn FM 28 -Renault NC27
A Development of the FT17, the museum houses the only one of its kind left in the world. An incredible rarity and for ever enthusiast an absolute must see.


T37-AT U 
Only about 1200 were manufactured between 1933 and 1936. This is one of only two remaining in the world. The original floatation devices were in such a poor condition they were replaced during a restoration project (Believed to have been in the 1970’s).


Stridsvagn M/38
Two Tank battalions were envisioned in 1936 but lack of funds reduced it to one, consisting of light machine gun tank (ette) M/37 and medium tank Stridsvagn M/38.


Beautiful example of an American White M16 from 1943 owned by a private collector.


Stridsvagn (Strv) M 41 SII-CKD TNH 


Marder II
Between July 1943 and March 1944 75 Panzer II’s were converted to Marder II.


(AKV) 151-Bandkanon Prototype 
Very little is known about this SPG. Ordered in 1949 from Bofors, this trial example has a 15.5 cm gun with a maximum range of 25km, capable of firing 14 rounds in 45 seconds.


(PVPJTGB) 1111 Volvo C303 
At the beginning of the 1970’s the Swedish Armed Forces were planning a new generation of vehicles. It was decided that only two classes “light” and “heavy” were required. Volvo were chosen for the light and Scania for the “ heavy.”


IKV 91 being refuelled 


Stefan’s (Museum Manager) own pride and joy 

It was decided to time consuming to develop a new Swedish Tank so trials were conducted in Sweden between the Leclerc, the M1A2 and the Leopard 2. In January 1994 the decision was made to purchase 120 Leopard 2 s (Swedish designation Strv 122)



My huge thanks to Stefan and his team for making me so welcome, the Museum is constantly evolving and growing all the time. If you get the opportunity it is well worth visiting.


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