Version 9.16 Supertest

1. What is the Supertest


What is the Supertest?

Supertesta process of testing a project at the early stages of completion. The test involves checking the concept of a new version and searching for the most critical issues. In World of Tanks, Super Tests are divided into production tests of individual features, performed during feature development (testing a new map, balancing a new vehicle, etc.), and version tests of full releases. The purpose of version Super Tests is to test the game content in a live environment with a small player pool before the final release. Generally, they are performed a month and a half prior to release.

If version Super Tests prove that the features are ready, Common Tests are then conducted.

2. Version 9.16


Status: Version 9.16 is currently in the Common Test stage.

What Does Update 9.16 Include?

During the summer, among other things, we prepared the first Swedish vehicle for release, reworked the Paris map for Random Battles, made a number of changes to address player toxicity in game and implemented several new game-interface features. That said, there is even more still to come—additional information on Update 9.16 is provided below.

Important: Note that this is preliminary-update content. The final set of update features will be revealed just before release.

3. The First Swedish Vehicle

  • The First Swedish Vehicle

In the middle of August, at gamescom 2016, we revealed the Swedish nation that is going to be introduced in the upcoming update. We are implementing the first Swedish vehicle in Update 9.16, and you will be able to train your first Swedish crew and earn additional credits driving the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 Premium medium tank, the first Tier VI Premium Swedish vehicle introduced into the game.

The vehicle has the AMX 13 oscillating turret mounted on the Strv m/42 Swedish medium tank suspension. Mounting the French turret allowed for the implementation of an autoloader to the vehicle, making it the first Tier VI medium tank with an autoloader in the game. 

The vehicle crew setup is identical to Swedish top-Tier heavy tanks and includes three members: the Commander (who also performs the functions of the Radio Operator and Loader), Gunner (who also performs some of the Loader functions), and Driver. The new vehicle will be introduced into World of Tanks just after the update's release.

4. New Map: Paris

  • New Map: Paris

The Paris map was initially developed for Rampage mode. The map featured interesting gameplay and was rather nice and atmospheric. Considering the shared feedback, we have adapted the map for Random Battles.

There are several real-life objects located on the map which make it particularly interesting: the Eiffel Tower, Seine River bank, Theatre National de Chaillot, etc.

The content is availbale at larger browser width.

The map can be divided into three gameplay areas:

An urban area suitable for heavily armoured vehicle warfare

The open area near the Seine River bank suitable for fast vehicles

A central square with clear views and good firing positions, but little protection

5. Battle Chat Modifications

  • Battle Chat Modifications

Continuing our work to prevent toxicity, we are making several changes to the Battle Chat.

We have received quite a bit of community feedback that the chat between teams during games has been a source of not only abusive language, but also of grieving and cheating. The cross-team Chat often becomes too emotional and provocative, or is used to reveal the position of your team to opponents. To prevent this, we’ve decided to disable the cross-team Battle Chat in all battle types except Team Training.

In addition, allied Battle Chat can also be a source of toxicity, and so will also receive a new feature: upon hovering over another player’s nickname or a message from that player, you will not only have the option to make a complaint about that player or blacklist them, but will also be able to block messages from them during the game (“muting”). This option will be recipient-based: the "muted” player will be able to type chat messages, but the “muting” player will not see them. This allows players to ignore/not receive messages from players they find offensive in battle. The “complaint” system will also still allow players to register a complaint about players using offensive speech, but the “mute” will also mean they don’t have to continue reading their chat if they do not wish to do so.

6. Restoring Vehicles and Crews

  • Restoring Vehicles and Crew

Players often contacted us about selling a tank or dismissing a tank crew by accident, and in the past, the only way to solve this was to contact our Customer Service Centre.

Starting with update 9.16, players will be able to restore Special or Premium vehicles and dismissed crew members right from the Garage, without any need to contact CS.

7. Improved Spotting Mechanic

  • Improved Spotting Mechanism

For update 9.16, we have continued to optimise our server code performance. Thanks to this, the time taken to display a vehicle model upon spotting it has been greatly improved.

The video below displays the difference in spotting mechanics between Versions 9.15.1 and 9.16:

8. Vehicle Comparison in the Garage

  • Vehicle Comparison in Garage

For a long time, players were asking to have an option to compare tanks directly in the game and we will provide this feature in Update 9.16. As part of this, it will be possible to compare several vehicle characteristics. Additionally, players will be able to mount different modules, and evaluate crews' qualification and equipment effects.

9. Implemented Mods

  • Implementing Popular Modifications to the Game

We are continuing to enhance the game UI based on the most popular 3rd party modifications.

In update 9.16, we are adding a dual-level carousel and battle events indicator.

Dual-level Carousel

This feature will allow the game to display more vehicles in the carousel. It will be most useful to players that have a lot of vehicles. 

There will be three available options:

Standard selector

Dual-level selector

Minimalistic dual-level selector

Downscaled slots with a minimalistic dual-level selector for players with resolution 900 pixels vertically or smaller.


Battle Indicators

We have added an option to display some extra combat information on the battle UI:

Damage caused, Damage caused with the player's assistance, Damage blocked, Damage received, Fire-direction indicator.

Players can choose which indicators are important to them and switch them on or off using the settings panel.

10. New Minimaps

  • New Minimaps

In 9.15.1, we started reworking the minimaps into the new format – we are aware there were display bugs in this feature on initial release and have addressed them.  In this update, we are adding 15 more minimaps into the game: Cliff, El Halluf, Ensk, Erlenberg, Fisherman's Bay, Kharkov, Lakeville, Malinovka, Arctic Region, Murovanka, Prokhorovka, Swamp, Paris, Widepark and Westfield.


Fisherman's Bay



Arctic Region

El Halluf

Siegfried Line








11. Patch Notes


Patch Notes

Game Features

  1. Improved user interfaces of missions, in particular:

    1. reset the entry point for missions and personal missions:
      • common entry point;
      • entry point for a particular vehicle;
    2. reworked the award window:
      • added the award selector;
      • window provides maximum information about missions/personal missions;
    3. groups of missions:
      • added a group (drop-down list option): missions for selected vehicle;
      • missions are grouped according to types;
  2. Added the two-row vehicle selector in the Garage that can be disabled in the General tab of the Settings window.

  3. Added the Swedish tank STRV103 that becomes less maneuverable, but gets a bonus to shooting, when switching to the "siege mode".
  4. Performed a number of improvements in battlein particular:

    1. the common battle chat can be disabled in all game modes, except for Training Rooms.
    2. when hovering over the battle chat, messages get frozen:
      1. messages can be scrolled with the mouse wheel;
      2. the context menu can be opened with right click (by analogy with the team panels);
    3. messages (both chat and voice chat) from particular players can be restricted for the time of the current battle in all modes, except for Training Rooms. It can be done in several ways:
      1. by hovering over a player's message in the battle chat section and clicking on the button displayed on the left of the message;
      2. by selecting the new option in the context menu opened with right click:
        1. after selecting the player in the team panels;
        2. after selecting the player's message in the battle chat;
    4. messages that were received before adding the player to the Blacklist or restricting the player's messages in the current battle are hidden in the battle chat.
    5. players are able to complain about the same player regarding a particular reason only once per battle. 
    6.  Inappropriate behavior in chat combines four complaint reasons:

      1. Insults and provocations
      2. Spam
      3. Out of game threat
      4. Fraud
    7. the Settings window will contain the option of disabling/enabling only the team chat (like before, the option is effective only for Random Battles).

  5. Added positive feedback on player's performance to the battle interface:

    1. added a damage panel that displays the following three parameters:

      1. total damage caused

      2. total damage blocked by armor

      3. total damage caused with player's assistance

    2. implemented more informative and extended battle performance badges. Now battle performance badges display the following:

      1. damage caused (amount)

      2. damage type (penetration, ignition, or ramming)

      3. type of assistance damage (upon destroying a track or upon spotting)

      4. number of detected vehicles, base capture/defense points

    3. fire direction indicators became more informative: they display information about amounts of received/blocked damage, enemy vehicle that performed the shot, marker and name of the vehicle, if it is currently spotted. Moreover, added the option that informs players about the amount of received/blocked damage for each particular shot: the wider the fire marker background, the more damage the player's vehicle received/blocked.

    4. introduced a new fire direction indicator: critical hits that are displayed brown and if one module or one crew member is damaged/injured in the player's vehicle, the indicator displays a corresponding icon.

    5. Battle Results provides quick access to battle performance summary .

    6. placed settings of the new functionality into a separate tab of the Settings window that will satisfy even the most demanding players.

  6. Improved the Notification Center functionality.
    • changed the design of the Notification Center: now messages are arranged into three groups:
      • informational messages;
      • social messages (invitations to Tactical Units and friend requests),
      • personal notifications;
    • fixed the issue of too frequent button blinking;
    • added more conspicuous notifications about important events;
  7. Added influence of the Camouflage Net on vehicle Technical Characteristics.
  8. Added an option of entering the Premium Shop from the Garage.
  9. Improved the clan-related functionality:
    1. when selecting legionnaires for Skirmishes, both clan and non-clan legionnaires can be added;
    2. the first half of Industrial Resource earned by legionnaires is granted to the player who earned the highest experience in the battle (Skirmish), the other half gets reset to zero;
    3. the matchmaker does not create teams that include players belonging to the same clan;
    4. restricted the possibility of scheduling an attack on a clan that has a Stronghold of a level that differs by more than 1 (i.e., a clan that has a level 7 Stronghold is able attack clans that have Strongholds of levels 6, 7, and 8).
  10. Added the functionality of comparing vehicles in the Garage, in particular:
    1. developed a separate window with a table that displays rows of Technical Characteristics; columns are intended for adding vehicles for comparison
    2. to display a comparison, players should add at least one vehicle (if one vehicle is displayed, players will be able to see how selected modules and crew members affect Technical Characteristics of the vehicle)
    3. vehicles for comparison can be added from various places of the interface, including unresearched vehicles, vehicles that are not available in the Tech Tree, e.g. the Type59. However, vehicles received for events cannot be added for comparison.
  11. Added the functionality of restoring vehicles and crew members in the game client. Note: restoration will be available starting from update 9.16. 
  12. Sound-related improvements:
    1. Extended the caliber range. Now sound of 5 different calibers (instead of 3 calibers) are played in level 8-10 battles.
    2. Added a new sound system of cartridge reloading. Now reloading provides information about the number of shells in the cartridge, when the last shell in the cartridge remains, and a notification when all shells are fired and the player runs out of ammo.
    3. Reworked the system of sound indication for received damage. The amount of received damage will be even more clear (0-17%, 18-35%, 35%+).
    4. Added sounds of the damaged engine (when the module is damaged, not destroyed). The damaged engine makes knocking, clanking, and other sounds...
    5. Added a sound notification when the gun is unable to fire (destroyed).
    6. Added individual sounds for damage to each of the modules.
    7. Improved vehicle navigation feedback with response sounds of switching gears, acceleration, and maneuvering.
    8. Sound settings are now even more visual.
    9. Added functionality that allows selecting between two sounds for the Sixth Sense perk, including the option of selecting player's own mp3-file.
    10. Added sounds that notify about the battle end: the last enemy is destroyed and the enemy base is captured.
    11. Split the Interface and Notification slider to Interface and Voice Messages.
    12. Split the Music slider to Music in battle and Music in Garage.
    13. Created a new "endless" and non-recurrent music for the Premium Garage.
    14. Reworked the Low Quality preset. Now it is available to all players and the Low Quality preset sounds better than before at the same performance indicators.

Technical changes

  1. Reduced the visibility system delay, thus enemy vehicles become visible sooner, when they leave cover.

  2. Reduced the visibility delay upon spotting and in the Artillery Aim.

  3. Improved the algorithm of camera movement and its interaction with objects of different sizes.
  4. Updated Scaleform SDK to version 4.5.31 that includes the following improvements:

    1. multi-threaded rendering GUI

    2. reduced memory consumption for visual effects

    3. implemented Wwise audio support, etc.

  5. Implemented a number of technical improvements, including content scaling on the displayed pages. Brought back the possibility of displaying several windows with different content; solved the issue of shifting pages when scrolling or refreshing the content.


Reworked in HD-quality:

  • T2 Light Tank.
  • FCM 36 Pak 40
  • AMX 50 Foch
  • 112.
  • Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. E
  • Leichttraktor
  • Pz.Kpfw. III / IV
  • Pz.Kpfw. V / IV
  • Pz.Kpfw. V / IV Alpha
  • Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)
  • Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C
  • Durchbruchswagen 2.
  • VK 30.02 (M).
  • Crusader 5.5-in. SP.
  • Type 5 Chi-Ri.
  • T-26.
  • S-51.
  • Matilda IV
  • KV-220-2 Beta Test.
  • A-43.
  • M4A2E4 Sherman.

If  you want to see how these HD vehicles present themselves in-game, check out the dedicated page.

Maps and Objects

  1. Added the Paris map for the Random Battle mode.

  2. Reworked visual quality of minimaps, in particular:

    1. new minimaps became more informative;

    2. they better display the terrain;

    3. improved visibility of unpassable map areas, slopes;

    4. structures and covers are divided into destructible and non-destructible (white and black, respectively);

    5. water obstacles where a vehicle may drown are displayed with slanting lines;

    6. unpassable and unreachable areas are displayed with slanting lines;

    The above improvements apply to the following maps:

    • Cliff
    • El Halluf
    • Ensk
    • Erlenberg
    • Fisherman's Bay
    • Kharkov
    • Lakeville
    • Malinovka
    • Arctic Region
    • Murovanka
    • Prokhorovka
    • Swamp
    • Westfield
    • Widepark
    • Paris
    • Steppes
    • Siegfried Line
    • Winterberg
    • Ruinberg
    • Redshire
    • Mittengard
    • Затерянный город
    • Himmelsdorf
    • Fjords
    • Airfield
    • Serene Coast
    • Live Oaks
    • Highway
    • Abbey
    • Mines