Version 9.16

1. Features


Interface Changes

Game client modifications are a wide-spread tool that allows players to adjust the standard game interface the way they prefer. The development team monitors the modifications that are popular among players and adds the best of them to the game. We consider several criteria when selecting which of the modifications should be added, such as the popularity of the particular modification as well as its gameplay utility. The introduction of popular external modifications allows us to improve the game interface while making it more convenient for players.

In Update 9.16, several popular modifications will be added to the standard interface: Battle indicators, dual-row vehicle selection, and extended fire-direction indicators.

Battle Indicators

In-battle information has a crucial effect upon the battle's outcome. The more information that a player can consider while in battle, the higher their chances of victory. This allows players to select the most appropriate course of action to stay one step ahead of the enemy team. Players receive most of their information from the images on the screen: the distribution of vehicles on the map, any nearby combat, the minimap, etc. In Update 9.16, we will add one more source of useful information: we will be improving the battle interface to make it more informative.

Changes Implemented in Update 9.16

In the latest update, we will be improving the battle interface, adding information about events that take place in-battle, and will be upgrading the fire-direction indicators. The following changes will be added to the game:

  • Reworked the fire-direction indicators with information about the amount of damage received, whether it was critical, and the vehicle that fired the shot.
  • Added a damage panel showing the following info:
    • Total damage caused by the player to spotted vehicles, including damage caused by shots, ramming, or setting enemies on fire.
    • Damage blocked by armour—calculations consider the average damage of the shot that hit the vehicle. Damage, blocked with external modules (tracks, observation device, etc.) is not considered.
    • Assistance damage—upon spotting or destroying a track.
  • Added a list of in-game events in battle: base capture, base defence, enemy detection, etc.

Interface Settings

The display of this additional information can be configured in the game settings. Just open the new Feedback tab and set your preferences. You will be able to select standard or extended fire-direction indicators, configure the information that is displayed in the damage panel, and enable the displaying of in-battle events.

The Feedback tab will be available together with the release of the feature as part of Update 9.16.


Extended Vehicle Selector

The extended vehicle selector is another modification popular among players and will be implemented into the client in Update 9.16. This will allow for better navigation in the Garage and will make selecting the right vehicle quicker and easier than ever before. Players will be able to configure the vehicle display in the most appropriate way using the extended vehicle selector, and even players who have many vehicles will be able to select them easily.

Configuring the Vehicle Selector

Players will be able to select their preferred vehicle-display mode (standard or dual-row) in the Garage, with the dual-row vehicle selector being enabled by default – to select the required display mode, use the General tab in the game settings.

A special, simplified dual-row vehicle selector has been implemented for screens with a lower aspect ratio. If the screen resolution is lower than 900 pixels vertically, the vehicle selector switches to the simplified form.

Changes to Battle Chat

Changes Implemented in Update 9.16

The main purpose of the Battle Chat is for coordinating the actions of you and your allies. Thus, the interaction between players is crucial to the battle's outcome. If a team coordinates during battle, they are likely to win. However, at the same time, cross-team communication can be used as a way to abuse or insult players.

Thus, several measures have been taken in Update 9.16 to solve the problem of inappropriate behaviour in the Battle Chat. Firstly, cross-team Battle Chat has been disabled for all battle types except Team Training. Secondly, players will be able to block messages from a particular ally. You can disable messages from abusive players until the end of the battle. To do so, hover over an ally's nickname in the Battle Chat and block the player. In addition, it is possible to add a player to your Blacklist or make a complaint about them.

Thirdly, the complaint system has been improved. Complaints of the same type are combined into one complaint in Update 9.16, thus making it easier to process them. The following complaints will remain:

  • Inappropriate behaviour in Battle Chat: this complaint includes the Insult and provocation, Spam, Out of Game Threat, and Gold selling / Fraud complaints
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Offensive nickname or clan name
  • Inaction / Bot

In addition, we will be decreasing the the number of complaints. In the latest version, it will be possible to make a complaint about a player only once per battle. This improvement will decrease the number of complaints that need to be processed, speeding up the time it takes to resolve any issues.

2. Vehicles and Crew Recovery


Starting with Update 9.16, you won’t need to contact the Customer Service Centre to claim back your accidentally sold tanks and dismissed crew members. Actually, you won’t even have to close the game client to fix the mistake: just a few clicks right in the Garage is all it takes to return a precious vehicle or crew member to you with their combat statistics, medals, skills, and perks.

While work on the update is in its final stages of testing and bug squashing, we’d like to give you a heads-up on the how's, what’s, and where's of this new feature. Let’s get to it...

Study the List

To kick things off, let’s talk a bit about the content you can recover.

Following the release of the update, you will be able to get back crew members as well as Premium and Special-event tanks dismissed and sold after the launch of version 9.16:

  • Crew members with at least one skill or perk, or enough experience points to acquire one:
    • Can be recovered for free up to 48 hours after they have been dismissed, or for 60,000 credits up to the first 30 days
    • Condition: you must have enough available bunks in the Barracks
  • Premium tanks – Absolutely all vehicles that can be purchased with Gold in-game:
    • Can be recovered up to 72 hours after they have been sold
    • Condition: you must have an available Garage Slot
    • Buyback cost in credits: the selling price +10%*
  • Rare tanks – Special event vehicles: Premium tanks given as rewards for missions and other competitions including campaigns on the Global Map and those that used to be sold in the past, but are currently not available for purchase:
    • Can be recovered at any time, provided that there are enough credits to buy them back – any Rare tank can be recovered once every three days
    • Condition: you must have an available Garage Slot
    • Buyback cost in credits: the selling price +10%* 

*Example: If you purchased a Premium tank for 10,000 and then sold it for 10,000/2×400 = 2,000,000 (selling vehicles gives you half of their value in credits), recovering it will cost you 2,000,000 + (2,000,000×0.1) = 2,200,000. This formula is permanent, and Special offers and discounts do not apply.

If you don’t have the required sum of credits, but have enough Gold to buy the necessary amount, you’ll be offered a chance to convert them. 

You still have to be careful though, because quite a few vehicles can’t be recovered:

  • Non-Premium tanks
  • Vehicles that were taken away by the Customer Service Centre
  • Premium tanks if their recovery period has ended
  • Rental tanks credited for the completion of battle missions if their rental period has ended


Upon confirming that the vehicle you wish to restore fits the criteria, you can send it back to the Garage by choosing this option in one of the following windows:

  • The Tech Tree

  • The in-game Store

When recovering a vehicle via the Tech Tree, right-click and select “Recover the vehicle”. There you’ll find the buyback cost and the timer telling you how much longer the recovery will be available.

If you don’t have enough credits, you’ll see a notification at the bottom and the sum you lack in brackets right next to “Recover the vehicle”.

Once you have everything you need, simply left-click “Recover” and confirm the action to send the vehicle back to your Garage.

If you prefer to do it via the Store, start by choosing “Recover with credits” in the drop-down menu on the “Vehicles” tab and choose the vehicle types to build a selection.

A list of available vehicles will appear with their buyback costs and recovery periods. Left-clicking one will transfer you to the vehicle window where you can claim the vehicle back.


Starting with 9.16, every time you choose to dismiss a crew member you’ll be informed whether they can be recovered upon dismissal or not.

Dismissed crew members are recovered through the “Dismissed” checkbox in the Barracks. Hovering the cursor over a specific member will open their personal record with their recovery period and cost.

To get someone back into action simply click “Recover” and confirm this action in the pop-up window.

The Dismissed buffer can fit no more than 100 people. When it’s full and you’re about to send another crew member there, you will receive a notification that they will replace whomever has been there the longest.

Once restored, crew members are no longer assigned to a certain tank, but worry not – this can be fixed in no time: just play at least one battle with the crew you’d like and the settings will return to what you’re used to.

3. Vehicle Comparison in the Garage


What Can I Compare?

You’re good to pick up to 20 vehicles at a time and carefully examine whichever configuration—standard, current, or selected right on the Comparison Screen—and crew training level you’d like; be they vehicles you already have, ones you are considering researching, or those of your fellow tankers; any nation, class, type, and Tier. And you can also just choose one and figure out what combination of modules and crew unleashes its full potential. 

NOTE: The current iteration of the vehicle comparison feature doesn’t take into account equipment, or crew skills/perks. Also, special event vehicles like the T-62A Sport or M24 Chaffee can’t be added for comparison. We’ll consider adding more comparison parameters to the list in the future, upon analysing the feedback we get on the feature and identifying which elements are most important to you.

How do I do it?

There are quite a few places where you can add a vehicle to the comparison list:

  • Tank carousel in the Garage:

  • Tech Tree:

  • Vehicle Research Window:

  • The in-game Store:

  • The vehicle preview screen (can be opened from the Tech Tree or the Armoury):

  • Post Battle Statistics Screen:

  • Other players’ Battle Statistics Screens:

The vehicles you choose are added to the Comparison List, opened by left-clicking the scales icon in the bottom right of the Garage:

Once you’ve added everything you want to check, left-click “To Comparison” to open the Comparison Screen:

Here you can select the combat qualities you’d like to compare – just set the crew training level (current/50%/75%/100%) and configuration for each vehicle (standard/current/selected):

Selecting a certain element will highlight the best parameter in green. Hovering the cursor over a parameter opens tooltips that show the difference between parameters for the selected quality (i.e. they show how much better or worse a parameter is when compared to the best one).

Not only does vehicle comparison help in finding the most suitable configuration for a battle, it can also be instrumental in picking one you’d like to research or purchase next. And you can get to it in no time: simply left-clicking “Preview” at the bottom of the vehicle parameters column will open its Preview Screen.

4. Swedish Vehicles: New Mechanics


Subtitles in our supported languages are also available by clicking on the icon in the bottom-right corner.

5. New Map: Paris


A Whirlwind Tour of Paris

The Paris map can be divided into three play zones: an open space along the Seine riverbank, the urban districts to the south, and the map’s center—the round Trocadéro square. These segments make Paris a dynamic, atmospheric map full of opportunities for manoeuvre, epic battles, and surprise attacks. 

Seine Riverbank


Located in the northern part of the map, it will be an active confrontation zone with most encounters taking place in the park area and along the riverbank. The park area has four gravel hills at its perimeter and another one with an excavator at the very border of the map, all providing good cover. So, you can bet each side will be rushing for it and fight tooth and nail to keep it. 

Now let’s take a stroll by the Seine riverbank. It provides a great opportunity to augment your team’s attack. You can capture the map’s center, offering supporting fire to the urban districts or helping them break through to the enemy base. Keep in mind, though, that cover on the riverside is sparse and you are putting your tank on the line taking this position. So, don’t be surprised if you get sniped from across the map or the other team is waiting patiently for their chance to take you down. Not to mention that fact you’re easy pickings for artillery.

Recommended Vehicles

The Seine riverbank is the domain of medium and light tanks – manoeuvrable and fast, they’ll make sure you have a good fight over the hills in the park. SPGs and tank destroyers should keep to the rear guard, closer to the map’s border, and support their more manoeuvrable allies. 

Urban Districts


If you are a heavy tank player, then you’ll be at home here because it was made for getting up close and personal. The bridge at the city’s outskirts is a key area to hold and will be a real hot zone. Controlling it lets you advance towards the enemy base or attack the central map area. Vehicles at the first line of fire will be unreachable for enemy SPGs, unlike those at the second line.

Recommended Vehicles

This is another area that has “heavy” written all over it. However, tank destroyers are welcome here, too. If you prefer medium tanks, you should exercise extreme caution and remain at the second line of attack or use heavy tanks as your shield.

Central Square

The central square is the perfect area for light tanks to spot enemy manoeuvre. If you are a particularly savvy light tanker, you can even spot enemy SPGs. While it’s rather risky, your team will be glad they have you on their side. 

Scouts are able to discover enemies right from the start of battle. To accomplish this, quickly move to the central square, spot enemies moving along passages, and aim to flank them.

The map’s center is also a perfect firing position. However, you’re out in the open there, so expect that damage indicator to light up. Also, you’ll have a hard time securing this place at the start of battle, since vehicles in the area tend to come under heavy fire. It may be safer to put it off for later. The square becomes a key strategic point when the majority of enemy tanks are cruising around the rest of the map. This is the time you attempt to outflank the enemy. As you already know, it’s always better to hunt in packs. You team should make good use of light and medium tanks, as well as fast heavy-tanks like the T-10.

Prime Locations

You can check out the interactive Paris minimap, which includes the firing positions for different vehicle types.