What’s New in Strongholds


Welcome to the totally renewed Strongholds!

Now your clan can develop its own Stronghold with no risk of losing precious Industrial Resource. Get greater bonuses from your Reserves and prove your worth in Advances—a new battle mode for clans.


  • Battles for Stronghold have been replaced with a new mode called Advances. Your clan can take part in Advances from Level I of the Stronghold. Battles take place on a neutral territory, and the enemy is chosen at random. Clans cannot pick the opponent and time for attack—Advances follow a fixed schedule and are not obligatory.
  • Now detachments in Skirmishes and Advances can be open for other players to join, whether they have a clan or not.
  • Battle formats for Skirmish divisions have been changed.


  • From the very beginning, every clan has eight open construction sites in their Stronghold.
  • War Department and Quartermaster Unit have been removed from the game.
  • Garrisons have been removed as well. Now you don’t have to attach to a structure to earn Industrial Resource for it.
  • Structures are safe from demolition and pillages as all battles take place outside the Stronghold.


  • Special Instructions and Evacuation Reserves have been removed from the game.
  • After upgrading a structure, the level of the Reserves already prepared in this structure remains the same.
  • Now you can activate two Continuous-Effect Reserves at once. For example, Battle Payments + Military Maneuvers or Tactical Training + Additional Briefing.

Industrial Resource

  • Industrial Resource is now kept in the Stronghold Storage, common for all structures. The storage capacity is not limited.
  • Your clans never lose Industrial Resource, with one exception: Industrial Resource can be withdrawn from the Stronghold Storage for missing numerous battles.