WG Streaming Mod

WG Stream is a Wargaming-supported mod that allows players from around the world to stream their battles, meet friends and share their love of the game.

With the mod you can:

  • Stream gameplay directly to your Twitch.tv channel
  • Use both actual gameplay and footage from within your garage
  • Alter the settings to find the optimal quality for you
  • Browse Twitch.tv streaming servers to find the one with the best ping
  • Assign hotkeys to help you control and run your stream

Download WG Stream Mod

This is how you get WG Stream running:

Download the WG stream mod

How does it work?

Upon first entering, the twitch settings window will appear automatically. This menu can also be accessed at any time from the game menu or by pressing the appropriate button on the control panel while the stream is in OFFLINE mode. Some settings may not be available during an active stream – you will have to stop streaming to alter them.

Below we have prepared a simple overview of the features of each tab in the settings window, along with accompanying screenshots.


General’ Tab

This is the main widget that sits in the centre of the General settings tab. Here you can use the Start button for starting and stopping the stream broadcast on twitch.tv. At the top, you can see the broadcast status – in the image above, it is showing as OFFLINE.

The Pause button pauses the broadcast without shutting it down. During a pause, the audience will have no audio/video feed.

The Chat button shows or hides the chat window during a broadcast.

The four buttons in the centre let you toggle the parts of your stream that are actually being broadcast. You can choose whether to stream video from the game only or the webcam only and you can do the same for sound. By having all four buttons on, for example, you will be simultaneously streaming both in-game video and audio and video and audio from your webcam.

Use the Sign out button for logging out of twitch.tv. The name of the broadcast appears in the title bar (the name 
appears only when you start a new broadcast) Adjust the audio levels of the game and microphone streams using the sliders next to the appropriate buttons – toggle mic audio and toggle computer audio.

On the side of the tab, under the heading Webcam, you can select your webcam device from the first drop-down menu. Select the working resolution of the webcam from the lower drop-down menu and use the window and slider to resize and reposition where it will appear on screen. The position and size of the webcam can be set independently for the hangar and for in-battle by clicking on the tabs called “Hangar” and “Battle.” You move the webcam image’s position by conveniently dragging and dropping it to the desired location in the window.

It is advisable that you use the appropriate resolution for your camera.


‘Quality’ Tab

IMPORTANT: Choosing invalid quality settings will result in a significant drop in performance.

Video resolution: choose the resolution of the broadcast window.

The smaller the value is, the higher the performance will be, but with a lower image quality and lower twitch.tv channel requirements. It is better to choose a solution similar to the gaming aspect ratio.

Video Quality: The quality of video compression during streaming.        

This affects the response time in the game. The higher the value, the better the picture in the stream. If you have problems with the bandwidth, reduce the video values.

PLEASE BEAR IN MIND: Video Quality and Video Resolution are factors that greatly affect performance especially on low and medium-end computer configurations. It is recommended to keep the Video Resolution slider above the Video Quality one.


Ingest Servers

This window displays a list of streaming servers and the response time for each. Depending on the player’s region, these values ​​may vary. The shorter the response time values are, the better it will be for the stream. You can refresh the list with the button at the top.


‘Hotkeys’ Tab

Use this tab to assign any hotkeys that you want to use while streaming. You must do this in advance of your broadcast and before you start the stream. IMPORTANT: be careful when assigning hotkeys as they may overlap with in-game controls if they use the same keys.

Play\Stop: Assign a hotkey to start and stop streaming

Pause: Assign a hotkey to pause streaming.

Toggle game video: Assign a hotkey to enable or disable the broadcasting of video from the game.

Toggle computer audio: Assign a hotkey to enable or disable the broadcasting of audio from the game.

Toggle webcam video: Assign a hotkey to enable or disable broadcasting from your webcam.

Toggle mic audio: Assign a hotkey to enable or disable sound broadcasting from your microphone.

Clear all: Use this button to cancel the assignment of all hotkeys.


We hope you check out the features of this awesome mod for yourselves!