WG Social Mod

With Update 9.6, a new version of the WG Social Mod has become available. This mod allows the sharing of battle results on Facebook directly from the client. Additionally, you can share Team results as well as the Detailed Information tab, alongside your own personal result window.


How to use the mod


 First of all your need to Download WG Social Mod

Step 1. After the mod has been installed, two icons will appear in the Battle Results window. One lets you publish your results on Facebook and the other lets you check your log-in status.


Step 2. Click the Facebook icon and log in using your credentials. You are able to log in right from the results window in-game.


Step 3. You can also enter a comment for the results you are going to share.


Step 4. If you would like to, you can also share either teams’ statistics or detailed information from the battle as well.

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WG Social Mod is commissioned by Wargaming company and conforms to generally accepted safety standards. Wargaming ensures that WG Social Mod does not store user data and only sends them to the social network to authenticate the user. If there are other modifications that are not certified by Wargaming as safe,the company can not guarantee that all data and processes of the mod will not be used illegally.