Mod for Oculus Rift in World of Tanks


Mod for Oculus Rift in World of Tanks will allow you to play the game while using the Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet. Fight tank battles with new levels of immersion and enjoy a full 3D gaming experience.

Oculus Runtime Installation:

  • Go to the Oculus download section
  • Download the version corresponding to your Operating System (Oculus Runtime for Windows).
  • Connect the Oculus to your PC and install Oculus Runtime. A computer restart may be required.
  • In Oculus, select the Configuration Utility; then, in the Tools menu, click Rift Display Mode and install it in Extend Desktop to the HMD.
  • In Windows settings for display resolutions, select Rift display and install portrait orientation for it.

Mod Installation for Oculus Rift:

  • Unpack the 9_6_OR.rar archive to a temporary folder.
  • Copy all files from the 9_6_OR folder to your World of Tanks game folder (Version 9.6)
  • Launch WorldOfTanks_Oculus.exe.
  • In Graphics Settings, select Oculus as the display. Tick the Fullscreen option and select the 1920x1080 resolution.
  • Restart the game.

Configuring the UI:

  • When in battle, first select a UI element with the combination of keys Ctrl + Alt + [2-5] (when pressed, the selected element will blink once).
  • Then adjust the position with the combination of keys Ctrl + Alt + [arrows], or make the element bigger/smaller with Ctrl + Alt + [-\+] (the mini-map gets bigger and smaller as before, i.e., when pressing -+ without modifiers)

Alignment is performed by pressing the F2 key.