Battle Modes

World of Tanks features several battle modes. You can select a mode in the Battle Mode menu next to the Battle! button.


Let’s have a detailed look at all available battle modes.

Random Battle

The Random Battle mode is selected by default in the Garage. This mode is the most popular battle mode among players. Allies and opponents are matched up automatically, and you simply need to choose a vehicle and click Battle! Two teams take part in the battle, with 15 vehicles on each team. 

There are three types of Random Battle in World of Tanks: Standard Battle, Encounter Battle and Assault.


Standard Battle

Two teams take part in the battle, with 15 vehicles on each team. Every team has its own base at one side of the map. In order to win the battle, a team needs to capture the enemy base or destroy all enemy vehicles. The battle takes up to 15 minutes. If the time limit expires without either team managing to capture the opposing base or destroy all vehicles then the match is a draw.

This game mode can be played on all maps.




Two teams take part in the battle, with 15 vehicles on each team. Only one of the teams has its own base. That team‘s mission is to defend their base for the duration of the battle without being destroyed themselves. The second team need to attack and capture the base or destroy all defenders before the ten minute time limit is up. Once this has expired and the base has not been captured, the defending team will win.

This game mode can be played on the following maps:

Karelia, Sand River, Erlenberg, Siegfried Line

Encounter Battle

Two teams take part in the battle, with 15 vehicles on each team. There is a single neutral base on the map. The winner is the team which manages to capture the neutral base or destroy all enemy vehicles before the time limit is up. The battle takes up to 15 minutes. If the time limit expires without either team managing to capture the neutral base or destroy all vehicles then the match is a draw.

This game mode can be played on the following maps:


El Halluf, Ensk, Erlenberg, Himmelsdorf, Winter Himmelsdorf, Lakeville, Malinovka, Mines, Murovanka, Prokhorovka, Fiery Salient, Redshire, Ruinberg, Winterberg, Sand River, Siegfried Line, Steppes

To disable certain battle types:

  • Open the Game Menu, click Settings, and go to the General tab.
  • Under Random Battle Types, clear the Encounter Battle and/or Assault check boxes.

Team Battles

This mode matches two equally skilled teams of up to seven players. The battle is held in an attack/defence format: one team has to defend its two bases, while the other team has to capture at least one of the bases or destroy all vehicles of the defending party. The maximum battle time is 7 minutes.

Available maps: Arctic Region, Cliff, Ghost Town, Himmelsdorf, Kharkov, Lakeville, Mines, Murovanka, Prokhorovka, Ruinberg, Sand River, Siegfried Line, Steppes, Tundra, Winter Himmelsdorf, Winterberg.

A team can only consist of the following vehicles:

  • Six Tier VIII vehicles + one Tier VI vehicle
  • Five Tier VIII vehicles + two Tier VII vehicles

Tier I–V and IX–X vehicles are not allowed on the battlefield in this battle mode.

How to Join a Team

Step 1

Open the Battle Mode menu next to the Battle! button, and select Team Battle.

Step 2

Click Selected Vehicle (1) to open the list of tanks in your Garage and select the range of vehicles that you would like to use for Team Battles.

Click Autosearch (2) in the lower right corner of the Team Battle window to immediately join the battle. The system starts searching for an allied team according to your requirements and the matching enemy team.

To choose a vehicle, click its name in the list, and click Select. If you do not select a vehicle, the system does it automatically.

Step 3

Click Proceed (3) to search for a team. The Team Battle window appears.

Select an incomplete team from the Battle Rooms List. If all teams are complete, click Update List (4).

Click Take Slot (7) to join the team as a legionnaire.

Click the team name to get more information:

  • Commander’s Personal Rating. The team Commander’s personal rating is displayed next to the Commander’s name (6).
  • Players’ Personal Ratings. The players’ personal ratings are displayed next to their names.
  • Vehicle compliance. See if your vehicles match the requirements of the Commander. The “Locked” sign means that your vehicle does not comply with the requirements.
  • Team members. The list of team members appears on the right side of the window. If you can join this team, you will see the Take Slot button (7).
  • Slots Freeze. The Commander can “freeze” the list of team members (8), and you will not be able to join this team without permission. Click Join (9) to become a volunteer. Later the Commander can complete the team by selecting players from the list of volunteers.

Step 4

Click Ready! The battle starts right after the Commander completes the team.


Tank Company Battle

Important: Currently, Tank Company battles are available only during special events and cannot be accessed on a regular basis.

In this battle version, players can form their own team by inviting friends or allowing random players to join their company. Team rosters are built using a point system. After forming your team, it will be placed into the Tank Companies Matchmaker. This matchmaker is similar to the 'Random Battle' matchmaker, however, the algorithm used needs at least 4 teams already formed to function properly. It is impossible for the matchmaker to create a battle without at least 4 tank companies being ready. Players in a tank company are able to communicate with their teammates using the game's voice chat feature. Each team in a Tank Companies Battle will receive credits and experience in accordance with damage dealt, etc. The winning team however, will receive a percentage of the losing team's credits and experience, causing the losing team to gain less experience and credits than they would normally expect.

More on Tank Companies

Companies are available in 4 divisions. Junior, Medium, Champion, and Absolute.

The "total tier level" indicates the minimum and maximum sum of tiers of all the tanks in the company.

Tank Company Level

Total Vehicle Tier

Maximum Vehicle Tier














Stronghold Battles

The Strongholds game mode was added in Version 9.2. It is available to clans and limited to members of the same clan. Strongholds enable clans to build and upgrade structures using the "Industrial Resources," which can be obtained by battling other clans in the game mode. The structures can provide the entire clan with special bonuses, such as increased XP acquisition for a specified period of time.

For more information, please visit the dedicated guide available here:

Strongholds Guide 

Ranked Battles

The Ranked Battle mode is based on Standard Battle rules, features an XP-based matchmaking, and is only available for Tier X vehicles. You start with no rank and level up by securing victories and collecting chevrons.

Check this section of the full guide to learn more about the Ranked Battle mode.

Team Training

In the Team Training mode you can master new vehicles, explore unfamiliar maps, practice playing vehicles of any tier, or rehearse strategies with your team mates. You won’t earn credits or experience from Training battles and the battle results do not affect your statistics. You can choose not only your allies but also your opponents, map, and battle type (Standard Battle, Encounter Battle, Assault, and Attack/Defence).

Many players use this mode to experiment with various tank mechanics, learning new maps, strategic planning and movement, and teaching new players about the game in 1 vs 1 matches.


Battle Training

Battle Training is in essence the tutorial mode of World of Tanks: it explains the very basics of the game, such as movement, aiming, shooting etc.

Battle Training is the best way for new players to get acquainted with the game. Therefore, every newcomer will be asked to complete it upon their first login to the game. Battle Training is not mandatory and can be skipped. However, we recommend you complete it not only to get a general idea of the game, but also because completing various stages of this tutorial will yield rewards that can help during players' first steps as a tanker.

The Game mode can be replayed at any time, but the rewards can only be issued once.

Proving Ground

This game mode can be described as a natural continuation of Battle Training: here, newcomers can put their newly acquired knowledge to the test in a battle against bots.

Battles take place in 10 vs 15 format. The player team is comprised of 3 to 7 tankers, with the rest of the team being controlled by AI bots. On the enemy team, 15 bots are ready to test your skills!

This game mode is available only for Tier I-II vehicles and offers two maps: Mines and Mittengard.