Reward for Merit

Reward for Merit is a special reward that drops with a certain probability after battle in World of Tanks. Each Reward for Merit contains at least one vehicle blueprint fragment and between two and five other useful in-game items, like equipment or credits.

You can get a Reward for Merit after any battle that meets both of the following requirements:

  • Battle mode: Random battle
  • Vehicle Tier: V–X

The Reward for Merit drops in five rounds and can be small or large. The first four Rewards that you receive will be small, while the fifth is a large one with more valuable items. Upon earning the fifth Reward, the cycle starts anew.

Full list of items that you can receive:

  • Vehicle blueprint fragments — at least one in each Reward
  • Days of Premium Account
  • Free Experience
  • Garage slots
  • Credits
  • Equipment
  • Consumables
  • Equipment or crew Directives
  • Crew skins

How to earn a Reward for Merit

Your chance of getting a Reward for Merit is defined by your personal effectiveness in battle, no matter whether it was a winning or losing fight. The more you battle, the chance of getting the Reward increases.

However, if you break the game rules (for example, desert from a battle or kill your teammates) the probability of receiving a Reward for Merit will not increase.


You can find the information on your Reward for Merit in your Garage: in the Notification Center, go to the Personal Notifications tab. Also, this information is displayed after each battle in the Battle Results window.

There is a special indicator, a padlock, that displays your current chance of getting a Reward for Merit:

The chance is minimal. You have probably not fought any battles yet, or you have just received the previous Reward.

You are part-way to getting a Reward.

The chance is very high. You may receive the Reward right after the next battle.

Show your best on the battlefield and get your well-deserved rewards!