Nickname Change

World of Tanks offers you the option to change your nickname. At a cost of just 2,500 Gold, you can change your moniker to suit your mood or something more befitting your latest collection of tanks or achievements in World of Tanks.

Please follow the step by step guide below to change your nickname.

Nicknames must abide by the the rules.  For guidelines on names, please refer to point number 3 of the World of Tanks Game Rules.

STEP 1: Log in to your account as you normally would.



STEP 2:  Go to "Account Management" in the dropdown list under your nickname.


STEP 3: Click on the "Change Name" button.


STEP 4: Type in your account password then click on "Continue".


STEP 5: Type in your desired nickname and then click on the "Continue" button to proceed.


Once you have submitted your request, you will receive a notification to inform you that your application is being processed.

 Upon a successful nickname change, you will receive further notifications that your nickname has been changed.   Please note that changes will be applied to the game portal and forums immediately.  However, it will take a few days (up to two weeks) for the change to be applied to the game client.


Warning: Once a player had changed their nickname, the old nickname is put into a cool-down period. During the cool-down period, the nickname is not available for any new user to take.  The cool-down period is active for 30 days from the date of the change. This mechanism was put in place to protect players, by avoiding confusion and preventing the “stealing” of nicknames.

This mechanism does not affect the two-week cool-down period on user nickname change. A player can change their name freely again after two weeks. However, it is not possible to take back the old nickname before the 30 day old-nickname cool-down expires.