Creating a Platoon

A platoon is a small group of players who can enter battles together. Any player can create a platoon consisting of two players or three players. 

To form a platoon you need to follow the steps described below:
  • Open the special menu under the red “Battle” button.
  • Choose the “Create Platoon” option:


Having created the platoon, you will see two special windows in your garage – Invite to Platoon and Platoon.

  • In the first window a list of your friends who are currently in game will appear. Choose the one whom you want to invite to your platoon and click the nick to add to the list of invitations:

  • Then you have to send the invitation by pressing the “Invite” button.
  • Your friend will receive an invite notification in a special window at the bottom left of their screen (Invitation Channel). To confirm joining the platoon, you need to click on the invitation:

Note! You can limit the list of those who can invite you to a platoon to just those on your friends list. Go to your World of Tanks settings and in the “Game” section tick the box in front of “Accept invitations only from players in friends list”. Then press OK at the bottom of the window:

  • Once the player has been added to the platoon, the invitations window can be closed.  Alternatively, you can add a third player to the platoon and then close the window.
  • To join the World of Tanks battlefield as part of a platoon, simply choose the vehicle you want to use from your garage, press “Ready” in the “Platoon” window and wait until your friend confirms their readiness:

  • Once everyone is ready, press “Battle” and show what your well-organized platoon can do on the battlefields!

Good luck in World of Tanks!