Creating a Platoon

If you have a couple of friends you want to play with, Platoons are exactly what you’re looking for. Aside from the fun of playing in a team, all platoon members earn 10% more XP and credits - or 15% for the members who own a World of Tanks Premium Account -  per battle. A platoon consists of either two or three players and can be created by any player. Platoons are available for Standard Battles, Encounters, Assault, Grand Battles, and the Frontline mode.

Create a Platoon

There are multiple ways to create a platoon:

Option 1

  • Click "Platoon" in garage
  • A window with your friend list opens. Invite whoever you wish, optionally with a message and click "Invite" to send the invitation

  • In the garage, right-click one of your friend’s name from the list of friends or a conversation, and click "Create platoon". If a platoon has already been created, click "Invite" to tactical unit
    • Your friend will receive a notification with the invitiation and the message

Option 2

  • Go to your Friend List
  • Right-click your Friend’s name, then click on "Create platoon". This will create the platoon and invite your friend

Invite players to your platoon

  • If the list isn’t already open, click on the "Invite Players" button below the list of players in the platoon
  • Select the friends to invite from your list. To invite players outside your Friend List, enter their name in the search bar and look for them

  • You can send invitations to multiple people by dragging their names into the list on the right
  • You can also send a short message with your invitations

If you receive a platoon invitation

  • A special notification will pop up on the bottom-right in the garage, showing who sent you the invitation, and a special message, if there is one. You will have the choice between accepting or declining the invite. The invite will be withdrawn automatically if enough time has passed, the platoon is full or closed

You can set from whom you want to receive platoon invitations. Go to "Settings". In the "Game" section, tick the box called “Accept invitations only from players in friends list”. Then press "OK"or "Apply" at the bottom of the window.

Dynamic Platoons

During battle, you have the option to form a platoon with up to two of your teammates:

  • Press and hold "Ctrl" and hover over the name of the player you would like to invite to your platoon. By hovering over the name, you can see either a "+" or a "Ø" icon. The latter means you cannot invite this player to your platoon
  • This can be either because the player is already part of another platoon or because they disabled the option

Final Preparations

Now that you’re part of a platoon, it’s time to select the vehicles you want to play with.

A couple of rules apply for playing in a platoon:

  • You can only choose vehicles of the same tier. The platoon commander’s choice determines what tier needs to be selected. Also, only one SPG per platoon is allowed
  • The platoon commander’s chosen excluded map overrides the other platoon members‘ maps
There are certain vehicles in World of Tanks benefitting from a feature called "Preferential Matchmaking". This means that they won’t see enemies above a certain tier. As long as you play in a vehicle with Preferential Matchmaking but at least one of your platoon mates doesn’t, you will not benefit from this feature.

Once you’ve made your choice, press "Ready" and wait until your platoon mates made their choice as well. When everyone is ready, press the big “Battle” button at the top of the garage – show the enemy team what your platoon is capable of!