Complaint System

This system allows players to report other players’ inappropriate behavior quickly and easily without having to go through a long process of contacting technical support staff by e-mail or via the portal.

The full complaint interface is available on the battle screen during ranked battles (except training rooms). You can submit a complaint by pressing “Ctrl” and right-clicking on the name of the player you wish to report. You can also access the interface from the garage, in Battle Results. In this case, you can submit a complaint by right-clicking on the name of the player. Then you will be able to choose several complaint options in a pop-up menu. Only the pre-set options may be used.  Input fields are not available.

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The complaint options are as follows:

  • Insults and Provocations
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  • Offensive Nickname or Clanname
  • Inaction/Bot
  • Spam
  • Gold Selling/Fraud
  • Undesired Advertising

Insults and Provocations

This is a complaint relating to chat logs: swear filters, personal insults and so on.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

A complaint about someone on your team who is intentionally blocking/pushing their own team vehicles or passing on information about a team location and its damage conditions. These are all considered to be violations of the game rules. 

Offensive Nickname or Clanname

Any player using an inappropriate nickname and/or clan name should be reported.


If you suspect a player of being a bot (using automated software to play the game), or if a player is being inactive on the field, then please send a report.


This category is meant to report players spamming in the General or the Team chat channels.

Gold Selling/Fraud

You have the ability to report any player offering to sell gold, accounts and in-game goods by using this category.

Undesired Advertising (not available yet)

This complaint is designed to report players constantly advertising products and services that are not related to Wargaming and its games.


Note: Foul language in voice chat complaints are not reviewed.