How to use ESL Play


Step 1 - Click on Login/Register button located near the Facebook login button.

(signing up via

(signing up via cup link)


Step 2 – Click the “Register your free account here” link in the pop-up.



Step 3 - Follow the simple instructions on the next page to create your account



Step 4 - You’ve successfully created your ESL account - now verify your e-mail address and set a password for your ESL account through the e-mail you’ve received from ESL. After that, just log in by entering the e-mail address and password.



Step 5 - Go to World of Tanks



Step 6 - Choose the cup you want to participate in.



Step 7 - Complete all the information in the widget on the right-hand side in order to play in the cup you selected.



Step 8 - Add a Game ID.



Step 9 - Create a team.


Step 10 - Invite your friends to play with you by simply giving them the join link displayed on the right-hand side. You can also edit your team profile and make other changes.


You just need to press “sign up” and you’re done! Follow the cup widget from time to time to see when you have to check-in or when the brackets are live.