Fair Play Policy

Every day, we fight for a healthier environment, which also means monitoring cheats coming from unauthorized third-party software. These mods are sucking the fun out of World of Tanks, and we really want our game to be a fair-play space.

Our fight against cheating is an ever-lasting quest, but you should be aware of the reasoning behind all this. That's why we divided mods into three distinct categories:

  • Mods that do not provide a gameplay advantage, but offer customization or information to the players. This are the most traditional mods, and they're welcome in World of Tanks.
  • Mods that provide a gameplay advantage without breaking the game. These are positive mods, bringing new features that we would like to implement in the vanilla client of the game.
  • Mods that provide a gameplay advantage that breaks the game. These are illegal and will be considered as cheats going forward. Find examples below!

Mods and Suspensions

Players who are caught using these prohibited mods for the first time will receive a warning and a 7 day suspension. Should they be warned again, the ban will become permanent. Before any decision, our team will review the case to ensure the discipline is justified. Please note that they are under no obligation to provide the player evidence or explain which mod the player was found to be using. This information will be sent to the player only if requested.


Say “No” to cheating, and earn your stripes.


First-timers will be issued a warning and banned from the game for seven days.


Accounts found to be cheating for the second time will be banned from the game for good.


Prohibited mods:

  • Mods that reveal the position of enemies in a way that is not included in the vanilla client; by marking objects destroyed on the map and minimap in real-time, by altering the display of shell flight tracers, calculating the position of enemy SPGs with tracers and marking them, as well as those that keep spotted vehicles displayed even when you aren’t aiming at them.
  • Software that makes it easier to block an enemy’s shell by indicating their exact aiming point, for example, with a laser beam.
  • Modifications that alert you when spotted vehicles are reloading or show enemy vehicles’ reloading timers.
  • Auto-aim or so-called “aimbots” that provide more functionality than the “aim lock” in the vanilla client, specifically including those that aim at the enemy's weak spots and/or lead the aim automatically so that a cheater can focus on manoeuvring their tank.
  • Software that enables the automatic use of non-Premium consumables.
  • Mods that aid in finding enemies by letting you adjust the transparency of objects on the map.
  • Software that leaves “ghosts” of enemy vehicles on the battlefield, placed where they were last detected.
  • Mods that alter the physical properties, performance characteristics, or effects of any vehicle or object in the game, or subvert the game rules.