All About Boot Camp

Welcome to World of Tanks, Commander!

You might already know the Boot Camp, or maybe you're just starting your journey in World of Tanks. In any case, we highly encourage you to complete this training, for at least three great reasons. Discover them below!


  1. The Learnings
  2. The Rewards
  3. The Missions

1. The Learnings

"Knowledge is power", right? Well, a big gun and a strong armour are not so bad either, but still, those will be of no use without a proper education. So, here's what you will learn about, thanks to the challenges in Boot Camp:

  • Drive and fire with a tank
  • Detect enemies
  • Aim at moving targets
  • Shoot with the sniper aim
  • How armour works
  • Stealth and recon tactics
  • Crew mechanics
  • Modules and crew damages
  • Consumables use
  • Equipment installation

After this, you'll be ready for combat, and your learning curve will continue to grow with more advanced tactics! But don't worry, knowledge won't be your only reward. Great items await you at every step of this training!

2. The Rewards

Every soldier needs a proper motivation! And rest assured that the only benefits from Boot Camp aren't just techniques and skills. You'll also pack some great rewards, like:

  •  Your first vehicle ever
  • Credits
  •  One 100% trained crew
  •  Gold
  •  3 Days of Premium Account
  •  Your second vehicle, a Tier VI

3. The Missions

Are you afraid of forgetting these lessons and their respective rewards? Don't you worry, all of them will be displayed in your Missions Hub and its briefings. You just have to follow them step by step! Here are a few missions you'll choose to accept along the way:

  • Choose your first vehicle
  • Upgrade your vehicle
  • Play and win a certain amount of battles
  • Sell modules
  • Research higher tier vehicles
  • Earn more credits

None of them is impossible to complete, so jump into battle right now, relax, and fight the good fight with only one objective in mind: become a better tanker!


Important Note: the button above will only work on PC.


Roll out!