Winter Clan Tournament 2015 - Rules and Regulations

Main Points

  1. The tournament has three stages: Qualification Stage (single-elimination), Group Stage (points system) and Final Stage (single-elimination).
  2. The team who captures the enemy’s base or destroys all enemy vehicles is the winner.
  3. Battle type – standard.
  4. Battle duration – 10 minutes.
  5. Each team may consist of vehicles of different nations.
  6. Any player may participate in a battle in any vehicle without restrictions on its nation, type or Tier. Premium and special vehicles are free to take part (for example, M60, VK 72.01 and Obj. 907), and players can use premium ammo and consumables.
  7. A team must have a minimum of 14 players in the main roster, with up to 7 players in reserve. The total players of the main roster and reserve players must be not more than 21 players. A team which has fewer than 14 players cannot participate in the tournament.
  8. Any team player can participate in the tournament in any vehicle according to the rules of the tournament. A player in reserve may switch with a player from the main roster in any battle in a vehicle according to regulations. The vehicle setup of the main roster and reserves is not declared.
  9. If a team enters a battle room without a full roster, and no one from reserve can make this roster full, the battle starts as it is.
  10. All prize gold will go to the captain’s clan treasury, so make sure the captain is in a clan when forming your team. If the captain is not part of a clan, he may choose the clan of one of his teammates. In this case, the captain must contact the community team.


Qualifying Stage

Round of Qualifying Stage
(example numbers, depending on registration)

Prize (per eliminated team)

Top 512 teams


Top 256 teams


Top 128 teams


Top 64 teams


Top 32 teams


Top 16 teams

Progress to Group Stage

Group Stage

The top 16 teams of the Qualifying Stage all progress to the Group Stage.

Teams will be randomly put into four groups of four teams. Two teams from each group will progress to the Final Stage. Teams that are eliminated from the Group Stage will receive 24,000.

Final Stage


Prize (per team)











In the Final Stage, if the team has only members from the same clan, they will receive a +25% boost to their prize gold!

Tournament Participants

Any team may take part in the tournament. The amount of teams from one clan is not restricted. One player can only play in one team, however. The name of a team cannot be not more than 7 characters. It is recommended to use a clan tag in the team name. In cases where one clan has several teams, the name would be as follows: WG_TV_1, WG_TV_2 and etc.). If a team name consists of more than 7 characters, administration may deny this team participation.

Date and Time of the Tournament

Registration for the tournament starts on 2 February 2015 and closes on 9 FebruaryThe tournament duration is just over two weeks, from 9 February till 23 February.

Qualification Stage

Monday 9 Feb

Wednesday 11 Feb

Friday 13 Feb

Group Stage

Wednesday 18 Feb

Friday 20 Feb

Final Stage

Monday 23 Feb


Map Pool

Airfield Siegfried Line Malinovka
Arctic Region Abbey Murovanka
Karelia Sand River Prokhorovka
Lakeville Fisherman's Bay Mines
Ruinberg Steppes Cliff
Fjords Himmelsdorf Ensk
South Coast Windstorm Kharkov
El Halluf Tundra   -


Battle Organisation

All battles will be held on EU1.

All players from both teams must enter the game before the match begins.

Qualification Stage

Teams are distributed randomly, and the Qualification Stage system is Single Elimination.

Qualification battles are held with an automatic tournament system, with maximum wins equalling 2 of 5 battles. The team who is the first to win 2 battles of 5 possible matches (regardless of the number of draws) is the winner. In the case of neither team winning 2 battles out of 5 matches, both teams are considered defeated.

Group Stage

The 16 teams coming out of the qualifying stage will be distributed into 4 groups of 4 teams each.

Groups are randomly selected. The group stage is held using an automatic tournament system.

Group stage matches are in BO3 format (Best of three).

The results of these BO3 matches will give the teams points. A win in a match equals 3 points, a draw is 1 point, a defeat is no points.

The two teams with the highest number of points in each group will proceed to the final part of the tournament.

In the case that two teams are eligible to advance to the Final Stage (i.e. two teams have an equal number of points), a personal match will be held between them to determine the winner.

If the personal match results in a draw, an additional match will be played to define a winner, who will advance to the final stage.

Additional matches are held in the training room and both team setups must be sent to the referee in a private channel in the game client.

Additional matches are played until the first win. Respawns are defined randomly by referee (by tossing a coin). If after 3 battles, neither of the teams manage to win, both teams will be disqualified.

In this case, the next team with the highest points will advance to the final stage.

Final Stage

The Final Stage system is Single Elimination.

In the Final Stage, there will be 8 teams playing in a Single Elimination system. Matches of the upper bracket and lower bracket are held in BO3 format (Best of Three).

BO3 format will consist of one round on one map.

All rounds of the Final Stage will be Bo3, except the Grand Final, which will be Bo5. All battles will be held through the automatic tournament system.

Battle duration – 10 minutes

Time interval between match battles – 10 minutes.


Emergency Cases

Unexpected technical issues are handled on a case by case basis. Teams are to make reports of all possible situations as well as their solutions by taking screenshots and replays and uploading them to the special forum topic.

Match Winner Definition

A battle winner is the team which captured the enemy’s base or destroyed all enemy vehicles. During the Final Stage, the 30 point rule is implemented in the case of a draw (a team, which has an advantage of 30+ points by surviving vehicles is the winner). In this case, this must be proven with a screenshot posted to a specific forum thread within 15 minutes of the game ending. If there is no clear winner, both teams are disqualified unless a referee or admin decides differently. For more information, see the dedicated information thread in our forum.

Violation and Penalties

  • Any actions that contradict the Tournament Regulation and World of Tanks Game Rules;
  • Insulting competitors, team players or other participants of the Tournament, such as referees, streamers, fans and game developers;
  • Unfair gameplay;
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct (e. g.: match sabotage);
  • Inappropriate vehicles which violate the tournament rules;
  • Participation in battles by players who are not in the team roster;
  • Using third-party accounts, as well as providing accounts to third-parties, in order to participate in the tournament.

In the case of any violation of the points above, the team responsible may be disqualified.

Administrators’ decisions regarding any violation is final.



1. Berbo

2. Kejjak

3. Alpacalypse

4. Karlie

Administrators are responsible for resolving disputes. The administrators’ decision is final and beyond discussion.