Twilight of the Gods: Rules


The new in-game event “Twilight of the Gods” will be launched on the Event Map, which will work alongside the Global Map with standard rules.

 (1)    Main Regulations of the Event

The in-game event “Twilight of the Gods” will cover the period from 2 September until 13 September. All clans can take part in the event regardless of whether the registration date of the clan is before or after the start of the event.

Vehicles up to and including Tier VIII can take part in all battles.

At the beginning of the event (2 September) the map will be wiped and World Redivision will commence.


  • All actions made by players will be nullified.
  • The income for ransacked Provinces will be restored.
  • All Chips and Headquarters on the “Twilight of the Gods” map will be available for the first turn of the event.


Note! Vehicles that were destroyed in-battle during the event will not be frozen.

World Redivision will be implemented from 2 September to 3 September:

  • All Provinces will be available for landing.
  • Espionage and Counterespionage will be turned on.
  • Revolts and Ransacks will be turned off.
  • The maximum number of applications participating in landings during World Redivision is 32.


If, during a landing tournament, the battle against the Province owner ends as a draw, the Province goes to the challenging clan.

World Redivision ends on 3 September at 09:00 UTC after which the “Twilight of the Gods” event rules come into force:

  • Revolts and Ransacks will be turned on.
  • The maximum number of applications for participating in landings is 64.


(2) Special event rules and how to get to Asgard

Rules for default regions of the event map:

  • The day after World Redivsion,  the Closed Gates to Asgard will appear on the event map, situated randomly.
  • Around these Closed Gates, some Provinces can Revolt, the rest are ordinary, with no Revolts permitted.
  • Clans on ordinary Provinces around the Gates can attack Provinces with Closed Gates and conquer them.
  • Clans who own Revolting Provinces around Closed Gates can attack Provinces with closed Gates as well as defend Revolting Provinces. On the next day, clans who own Provinces with Closed Gates, and clans with Provinces around them, may fight for ownership of the Gates.
  • At a set time after Prime Time, these Gates will open and Revolts in nearby Provinces will stop.
  • The Gates remain open for the next 24 in-game hours, during this time, Clans should fight to conquer the province with an Opened Gate.
  • The Chips of a clan that manages to conquer a Province with an Opened Gate will be transferred to one of the starting Provinces in Asgard.
  • The algorithm for the appearance of Gates and Revolts is repeatable; each time, new Gates will appear on a random Province and the process starts over.

Due to the specifications we have during the Twilight of the Gods event, it could arise that a revolting province bordering a province with a closed gate is attacked before it became a revolting province. In this case:

  1. All attacks on the revolting province will be cancelled. All enemies’ chips placed on the revolting province will be moved back to the Reserve and remain green (available).
  2. All encounter battles connected with the revolting province will be cancelled and the chips of all clans that attacked the province (to fight in encounter battles for the province) also go to the Reserve.
  3. In the case of an encounter battle, however, the chips of the revolting province’s owner will remain on the map and the battle will remain on the territory they attacked. If the territory has no chips on it, the clan will become the owner of the province without a battle (whether it was an encounter or standard battle).

Important: We recommend that clan officers pay attention to this fact and make all chips movements only after the appearance of Closed Gates and related Revolts.

Closed GateOpen Gate

(3)    Rules for being in Asgard:

  • Asgard is a special event map region on which clans will fight for the opportunity to take part in the final battle between Dark and Light during Ragnarok.
  • The number of gates leading to Asgard will be 36.
  • The number of starting Asgard Provinces is fewer than the number of Gates leading to those Provinces.
  • On starting Asgard Provinces, intermediate landing tournaments will be held between clans that come through the Gates.
  • It is impossible for clans to place Headquarters on Asgard Provinces. All actions can only be made with the amount of Chips that were transferred to the Asgard starting Province.
  • The main event goal is to conquer one of three Central Provinces of Asgard, called the Valhalla Provinces. Only clans that manage to get to a starting Asgard province have the opportunity to conquer these Valhalla Provinces.            

Rules for the Final battle during Ragnarok:

  • On the last day of the event, 12 September, the borders between the Valhalla Provinces and the other Asgard Provinces will be closed. Please note that attacking a Valhalla Province is pointless on the last day. All such attacks will be cancelled and chips will be sent to the Reserve.
  • The Dark Gods clan will attack all 3 Valhalla Provinces in Asgard.
  • The Dark Gods will fight on Tier X vehicles in a team of 8 members.


Terms of Victory Points (VP) crediting:


Amount of VP

Clan Chips transfer


Conquer any Asgard Province (except a Valhalla province)


Conquer any Valhalla Province


VP information will become available after the first event battles are held. VP data will be updated each hour.


Terms of Fame Points (FP) crediting:

The basic amount of FP that players will get during the event equals the sum of experience of the battle participants, divided by 15, without premium account or actions modifiers.

A clan participating in a Revolt or landing battle gets a basic amount of FP for each battle, except for battles against a Province owner.

All boosting coefficients that apply during the event are displayed in the table below. The final amount of FP will be calculated after all the coefficients have been applied. If several conditions are met, the coefficients are added together.

Completed condition

Boosting the coefficient of FP

Participation in battles for Landing or Revolts during the “Twilight of the Gods” event.

Basic amount

Participation in a battle for a Province (attacking an opponent’s Province, defending a Province, an Encounter Battle).


Participating in a battle against a Province owner during a Revolt or Landing Tournament.



Coefficients by Province type have the following values:



Basic Province on an ordinary map


Revolting Province on an ordinary map


Gates to Asgard


Any Province in Asgard (except a Valhalla Province)




Both the Battle Type and Province type will be taken into account when making the calculations.

Please note: The Rigging of battles is a violation of our regulations. The penalty is a withdrawal of FP or an account ban.

If there is a dispute regarding any aspect of the event, such as the crediting of FP,  accusations of battle rigging, etc., the World of Tanks administration may request a battle replay, screenshots, or other information connected with the dispute. If the required information is not provided, a decision will be made regardless. All decisions are made at the sole discretion of the World of Tanks administration. We strongly recommend turning on the replay recording option in game settings.

Information about player positions in the Alley of Fame will be updated each hour.


(4)    Twilight of the Gods rewards and memorable achievements.

Prize pool of the “Twilight of the Gods” event:

The top 20 clans by VP will be rewarded with gold:

  • 1st place – 500,000 to clan treasury;
  • 2nd place – 300,000 to clan treasury;
  • 3rd place – 100,000 to clan treasury;
  • 4th-8th place – 50,000 to clan treasury;
  • 9th-12th place – 30,000 to clan treasury;
  • 13th-20th place – 10,000 to clan treasury.

If two or more clans have an equal amount of VP and are in a joint place, the reward will be given to each clan.

Prize tanks for “Twilight of the Gods”:

The top 300 players in the Alley of Fame will get the Chinese Tier VIII Premium heavy tank, the 112.  If players have this tank in their garage already, they will receive compensation of 12,250and a garage slot.


Players who manage to place from 301 to 4,000 in the Alley of Fame will get the American Premium medium tank, the T23E3. If players have this tank in their garage already, they will receive compensation of 7,000and a garage slot.


Neither the Chinese 112, nor the American T23E3 are special clan tanks.

Twilight of the Gods medals:

“Call of the Valkyries”


Awarded for winning a landing tournament for a province adjacent to the Gates.

“Gates of Asgard”


Participate in a landing tournament in an Asgard province.

“Hammer of Thor”


Capture an Asgard starting province.

“Spear of Odin”


Capture a Valhalla province.


(Awarded to all members of the clan.)

“Head of Fenrir”


Defeat the clan "Dark Gods" while defending Valhalla Provinces in Asgard.


(Awarded to all members of the clan.)

During the “Twilight of the Gods” event, two maps will be available for players: one map will continue to work according to the standard rules of the Global Map, the other will be used for the event. Each clan has the possibility of switching between maps or leaving a map. If they choose to leave a map, the clan will lose all the Provinces on that map.


• Go to the Twilight of the Gods map.

• Go to the Global Map with standard rules.


We would like to remind you that all World of Tanks activity can be tracked in the Event Calendar.


Good luck in your battles!