Discount & Special Glossary

Experience Increase

Crew Experience

You will receive increased Crew Experience in battles. You can tell how much by looking at the number.

Increased Experience for the first win

You will receive increased Experience for your first victories in every tank. You can tell how much by looking at the number.

The numbers in the icons indicate the rate of the increase and may include x2, x3 and x5, depending on the special.


General Discounts

Discount on Crew (Re-)Training

Do you want to change the tank your crew drives? Use this handy discount to decrease the cost!

Discount on Barracks Slots

Are you running out of space to keep your spare crews? Increase the size of the barracks for less than usual with this discount!

Discount on Consumables

You never want to run out of consumables. Stock up on them and save some Credits.

Discounts on Garage Slots

Everybody loves collecting tanks. Nobody likes running out of space for them. Using this discount you can increase the size of your garage and the amount of tanks you can keep.

Discount on Crew Skill Reset

Sometimes you realise that the skill set you chose just doesn't quite fit the tank you drive. You can make sure your crew is perfect for your vehicle and save some money when you take advantage of this discount!

Discount on Equipment

Are you looking for a little something to give your tank the edge it needs? With equipment you can make up for weaknesses or increase strengths. Choose what's right for you and save credits with this discount!

Free XP for Gold

You will receive more bang for your buck with this discount, you can tell how much more you will get by looking at the number.

Discounts on Camouflage, Emblems and Inscriptions

If you're looking to modify the appearance of your tanks, these discounts will save you Gold and/or Credits with these offers. You can check how much of a discount you will receive by looking at the number within the image!

Increased Crew XP for Free XP

If you want to boost your Crew XP always look out for these discounts, you will get more for your Free XP and the icon will tell you all about the current going exchange rate!

Premium Account

Days of Premium Account

Everyone loves Premium Account! You receive 50% more Experience and Credits in every battle! When one of these discounts comes up, use the chance to increase the speed of your progress.

The number in the icon refers to the Premium Account option subject to the discount. It may indicate the 3, 7, 14, 30, 180 and/or 360-day option.



Discount on Premium Tanks

Premium tanks are great! Not only can they use any crew for a tank of the same nation and class without retraining, they will also earn more experience for that crew. And more credits! Some will even have preferential matchmaking, which will ensure that the opponents you face won't be too much tougher than you. Grab one with a discount and see for yourself!

Discount on regular tanks

Nothing is better than finally unlocking the next tank in the tree. Some of them can be very expensive however. With one of these discounts you'll be able to get the next tank and maybe even save enough credits to get some equipment for it right from the start!

The Roman numerals in the icons refer to the vehicle Tier that is subject to the discount. It may refer to any Tier from II to X, as well as multiple Tiers, like II - V, VI - VII, VIII - X etc.