Ranked Battles 2019 Season 1 Regulations


Season: a time period, when the Ranked Battles mode is available. The regulations and rewards may change between seasons.

League: distribution of the Season Leaders considering their combat performance. There are three Leagues in total: Golden, Silver, and Bronze. Bonus Battles are available within the Leagues.

Division: three consecutive rank progressions from 0 to 15; once the final rank is achieved, the player is transferred to the next Division, in which progress starts anew. Bonus Battles are available within the Divisions.

Qualification: the first progression that includes 15 Ranks; Bonus Battles are not available within the Qualification.

Rank: a progress element within a season. Ranks are common for an account and do not depend on the vehicle they have been earned in.

Chevron: a progress element that determines the “distance” to the next rank. Depending on the battle results, a player can earn, lose, or retain a chevron. The number of chevrons between ranks may vary.

Bonus Battle: mechanics that automatically double the number of chevrons earned in a chevron-earning battle (when 1-2 chevrons are earned). It is available once a day in each vehicle that is allowed in Ranked Battles. They are added after completing each Division. The number of Bonus Battles depends on the player's performance in the Division.

Rank that can be lost: a rank that can be lost by a player after losing a chevron.

Rank Shield: functionality that allows for retaining particular ranks even in the case of losing a chevron (the shields have durability).

Season Leaders: a leaderboard for players participating in Ranked Battles; the position depends on combat performance and other statistical parameters. To be placed among the Season Leaders, a player must complete the Qualification and Divisions of the current season.

Sprinter: a player who ended up in a League among the first 100 players.

Ceasefire: a particular period of the day, when the Ranked Battles mode is unavailable on the current server.

Prime Time: a particular period of the day, when the Ranked Battles mode is available for playing on particular servers.

General Performance: a ratio between the chevrons earned and the total number of Ranked Battles fought within a season. This parameter determines a player's position among the Season Leaders.

Performance in a Division is a ratio between the chevrons that were earned in the Division and the number of battles fought in it. It determines the number of Bonus Battles in the next Division or in the Leagues.

Ranked Battles Calendar: displays the Prime Time and Stage periods on servers.

Base Experience: experience that is earned in a battle, without Premium Account or Clan and Personal Reserves. It is displayed in the Team Result tab in the battle results.

Role Experience: additional experience added for performing certain role-related actions in Ranked Battles (spotting, assisted damage, blocking and dealing damage, etc.). Role Experience is a share of the Base Experience.

How to Participate

The new season of Ranked Battles will be available from May 20, 10:00 (CEST).

To participate in the mode, any Tier X vehicle is required.

To switch to the Ranked Battles mode, it must be selected via the battle mode selector in the Garage.

Ranked Battles are available only during the Prime Time on particular servers. The Prime Time can change during the season.

  • Weekdays: 14:00-02:00 CEST
  • Weekends: 10:00-02:00 CEST 

Format and Duration


  • Ranked Battles are played in seasons.
  • Ranked Battles are played in the 15vs15 format (Standard Battle).
  • Battle duration is 15 minutes.
  • Victory conditions: destroy all enemy vehicles or capture the enemy base.
  • Maps: Abbey, Airfield, Cliff, El Halluf, Fisherman's Bay, Highway, Himmelsdorf, Karelia, Lakeville, Live Oaks, Malinovka, Mannherheim Line, Mountain Pass, Murovanka, Prokhorovka, Redshire, Ruinberg, Sand River, Serene Coast, Siegfried Line, Steppes, Westfield.
  • Platoons are not available in the mode.


  • Season duration is 21 days.
  • The mode is available from May 20, 10:00 (CEST) till June 10, 10:00 (CEST).
  • The exact schedule of mode availability can be found in the WoT client.


  • Places I–III on the winning team will earn 2 chevrons.
  • Places IV–X on the winning team and place I on the losing team will earn 1 chevron.
  • Places XI–XV on the winning team and places II–V on the losing team will retain a chevron.
  • Places VI–XV on the losing team will lose a chevron.
  • A draw is considered as a loss for both teams.
  • If several players earned the same amount of experience, all of them earn/retain a chevron. The same applies if several players earn the same amount of experience and share the top position.

Divisions and Ranks

Within each division, there are 15 ranks.

The number of chevrons that are required for achieving the next rank is as follows:

Rank Shield

  • If a player has a shield for the current Rank, they retain the rank even after losing a chevron.
  • The shield durability is decreased if the player loses a chevron.
  • If a player earns a chevron, the shield is completely restored.
  • At rank 10, the shield will be completely broken after 2 battles in which the rank should have been lost.
  • At rank 13, the shield will be completely broken after 1 battle in which the rank should have been lost.


Considering their performance upon completion of the Qualification and all Divisions, players will be distributed among the Leagues:

  • Golden League: top 20% of players.
  • Silver League: next 30% of players.
  • Bronze League: next 50% of players.

When in a League, players will keep earning chevrons and affecting the General Performance and position on the leaderboard of the Season Leaders.


The matchmaker attempts to assemble the teams from players with the same rank within each particular Division. If these conditions cannot be met, the rank threshold is extended.

In terms of ranks, the teams have a mirrored composition.

When assembling the teams, the matchmaker does not consider players' belonging to a particular League.

If the matchmaker is unable to assemble the teams in ten minutes, the battle will not be created, and the players will be sent to the Garage.

Season Leaders

The player's position on the leaderboard of the Season Leaders depends on their General Performance.

If several players have the same performance, other parameters are successively compared:

  • Average experience;
  • Average damage.

If all these parameters are equal, all players will end up in the League of the highest shared position.

The leaderboard of Season Leaders becomes available in the game client and on the portal once the season begins.

The leaderboard of Season Leaders is updated every 15 minutes.


Season Rewards

Annual Rewards

The level of access to the Annual Rewards is determined by the number of Rank Tokens earned within the seasons of the year.

The Rank Tokens are earned for completion of each Division and for making it to the Golden League. The Rank Token for the Golden League is added at the end of the season.

Thus, a player can earn up to five Rank Tokens within a season.

Violation of the Game Rules and Penalties

The Rules for Random Battles apply to Ranked Battles. All penalties are imposed according to the Game Rules and License Agreement. If a player violates the Game Rules or the End User License Agreement, they will be excluded from the leaderboard during the season, after the season is over, or before receiving the season rewards.

"Since the friendly fire system in Ranked Battles has been revised, stunning allies in this game mode is equivalent to causing damage to allied vehicles (“team damage”). In this case, a penalty or ban (according to the Game Rules for causing team damage) can be applied to a player who stuns allied vehicles.

All penalties and restrictions for “team damage” and “team kills” are applied automatically by the system, without the interference of Player Support employees. Note: the system considers all possible circumstances accompanying a violation, both mitigating and aggravating. The terms of the restrictions imposed by the automatic system are not subject to appeal."