Keep Up The Fight!


Boot Camp is a great way to learn the secrets of tank warfare, but you know the saying, right? "No plan survives first contact with the enemy." If you prefer ground action to trainings, you can always skip the Boot Camp and jump right into battle.

Here are a few tips for the road though!

Make the Right Choice

Most players play way more than just one nation and one class, but finding the one to start with is quite important to get off on the right foot. Take a look at the different nations and classes directly in the game!

Feel the Vibe

We know the first battles can be tough, but don't get discouraged: every fight is an opportunity to learn. Just stick to your guns and roll out in battle, again and again. After all, "The greatest teacher, failure is"! In the meantime, we're pretty sure that your frags will bring the satisfaction you need to keep on fighting.

Don't Play Alone

There's strength in numbers! Don't forget to bring friends to form a platoon or invite your teammates directly in-game with the "CTRL" key! You'll learn tons of useful stuff from other commanders, and enjoy a 10% XP bonus! Plus, it's always more fun to play all together!

Learn Where You Can

There are a lot more ways to learn the secrets of tank warfare. Check our Wiki and our Forums during your breaks and test vehicles in proving grounds! You can even follow our portal and learn a few things by jumping into a special. Knowledge is everywhere!


Important Note: the button above will only work on PC.


That's it for today, Commander! Best of luck to you and roll out!